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Sunday 13 January 2013

Time out mag on Chris Gill's secret 7 club house

Thursday 22 November 2012

Shanghai Biennale City pavilions project, a CV-filler? 上海双年展城市馆项目,只是摆设?

On a gray and rainy November day we decided on a Bund gallery tour as well as visiting the Shanghai Biennale City Pavilions that attracted 29 cities worldwide (according to the official website) and brought four handful of international curators to town last September. Despite the whispered problematics during the installation and the opening which did not really happen because doors were already closed at 6 pm on opening night, we were curious to know more about the artistic positions of each city and also the buildings that host the pavilions.


It started with an disappointment on beautiful Yuanmingyuan road, where the shows were badly maintained (videos not turned on at the Lille space with lingering staff that had no information to communicate).  The light of the entire space is broken, as guard told us with a happy smile at the LA pavilion and one other pavilion was not even open. 


Better results were exposed in the stunning yet run down East Nanjing Road Mac Millan Building, that hosts most of the cities. Still, some videos did not run but most was on and moving image. Lot's of guards lingering around,  sometimes not sure if they became art themselves, yet, the all together installation is a bit "heartless" and again badly maintained and significant inspiring art was missing. The question arises: is the Shanghai Biennale City Pavilions project  a CV-filler? It is a pity for the Biennale, the city of Shanghai, the financial funding and the countless hours of work and preparations and pre excitement for the participants artists. 


On view till Dec 31. 


heading down to the Bund on a rainy November day 

storefront of the Lille pavilion 

storefront of the Lille pavilion 
c'mon baby light my fire - absolute pitch black darkness 
c'mon baby light my fire - 黑漆漆的一片

at the LA pavilion 

"lights are broken" said guard with a big smile on his face.

BUT THANK GOD there is Faigo hot pot not far. There you go, art and food don't mix (I thought it did)

Over at the Mac Millan Building 


part of the fake coffee shop? 

fake coffee shop 

only in China: parking guards with armchairs in rain 

Chinese in Africa 

Chinese in Africa 

Art or not art? 

could have been good but did not work or nor work or maybe not work? 
fake shop 
again art or not art? 
from Vancouver 

Guards - bu keyi - bu keyi 
保安— 不可以,不可以


not sure? 

a working video 

more working videos 

a working TV 

not sure 

a fake shop 

"something you have never seen before"  

a guard sitting in the dark

and then my i-phone went out of juice ... 

Thursday 1 November 2012

the beauty of disappearance 逝去的美好

SEE YA!再见!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

stage候台BACK news from Paris候台画廊来自巴黎的新消息

stage候台BACK is still cruising around Paris with good news to report:

contract signature of Laurent Friquet and VP editions for "make room pogonirique"

Liu Tao's confirmation of solo show at PHOTO OFF in two weeks in Paris.


和行为艺术家Laurent FriquetVP editions就展览"make room pogonirique"签署合同

刘涛的个展确定两周内在巴黎PHOTO OFF艺博会展出

Monday 17 September 2012

Culture Collide China - Panel in Stadtgarten in Cologne

I was invited to participate in a conversation about culture, art and actively working in this field in China - Culture Collide China - in Cologne.

Organized by  

c/o pop Festival & C'n'B Convention.


Stefanie Thiedig 由甲

Kulturgut 文化财富 

Stephanie, Li Zhenhua and me

Miao Wong, B6, DJ Wash and Ralph Christoph in a conversation about the electronic music scene in China

Tuesday 4 September 2012

beautiful YY's

YYs has been a popular spot for visiting people working in the areas of arts, literature, film and music over this long period. In the world of metaphor it is akin to losing Shanghai’s Viper room.

SAD NEWS! Us, the former 696 residence, this is something to remember - loosing a space! Yet, how to compare 3 years (my 696 time) to 15 (!) years in Shanghais buzzing madness????


Smart Shanghai covers it HERE

Text below:

It's been a long time coming, there have been rumors flying around for the past few years, but we can now tell you categorically that YY's, the much-loved bar on Nanchang Lu, will close after this weekend. From what we understand, Sunday will be the last day. 

However, all is not lost, the bar will keep its downstairs area, and live on, down there, in new form. The upstairs has been taken back by the landlord (boo, hiss) who will attempt to turn it into another bar. Update: The furniture is being moved into downstairs YY's right now and the bar should be open from this evening, 6pm-6am. There's also a happy hour, 7-9pm, with two-for-one-drinks. So if you head down to the bar, go straight downstairs, the upstairs is closed for show installation tonight and tomorrow. 

YY's is one of the oldest bars in Shanghai that's still going. It's been slopping drinks in the same space for more than 15 years. When it opened, it was one of the hottest bars in Shanghai, regularly attracting a queue down the street for its parties. As the bar and club scene became more crowded over the past 10 years, it became a drinking den and a smoke hole, open 24-hours a day for many years, selling basic food in the tranquil wood-lined upstairs room. The downstairs remained closed for many years but opened again about a year ago, though it's rarely been used. 

This Thursday an art show arranged by StageBACK opens in the upstairs bar and will be shown until Sunday. The show, coincidental with this weekend's SH Contemporary art fair, will feature seven Shanghai-based artists who are "similarly going through a process of renewal and re-understanding," like the bar. 

Cheers to you, YingYang, a truly exceptional bar in a city that has few. Long may you live and prosper in your old subterranean digs.

M 50 joint opening tomorrow

Tomorrow, Shanghai art week kicks of with its legendary M50 compound joint opening uniting visiting crowds and galleries.

My partner gallery EASTLINK has a show on view, see details below. Me - for myself leave behind the white cube walls and move to the french concession to another legendary space - YY's - for 4 days during fair time - SH contemporary is opening doors tomorrow with preview, vernissage and a fancy party on Bund 3.

So if you are not dizzy after to much of much come and see the late night show at YY's.















Dear Friends of Eastlink Gallery,

We cordially invite you to the opening of Shadow Painting-Works on paper by YU Aijun. 

Shadow Paining-Works on paper by Yu Aijun


Opening: Wednesday 5 September, 17:00-19:00, 2012


Duration: September 5-16, 2012

Eastlink Gallery is pleased to present Shadow Painting-Works on paper by Yu Aijun. One distinct character of Yu’s works is that they create a sense of distance, shadowed yet very powerful. The artist treats small details in a way as if they embody great significance. Yu’s works on paper breathe the air of confidence and calmness, which can be easily received by the audience. By adapting the uncertainty the rubbing technique creates, Yu explores the treasure mine of paper paintings, extracts and formulates an expressive method of his own character.


This exhibition will showcase Yu Aijun’s most recent works on paper, show lasts until September 16.


Yu Aijun, born 1971, in Liaoning province, China, now works and lives in Shenyang.

Sunday 19 August 2012

secret 7 artists at YY's

For immediate release:

stageBACK presents the secret 7 artists during the SH Contemporary
at YY's.
Opening September 6, 8pm - late.
Open: 7-9 September, 14h - late.

More information coming soon!

Tuesday 5 June 2012

pictures of the opening BODY NOISES - last Sunday (身体噪音开幕式照片 - 上个周日)

with Yu Hong

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

Liu Yanan performing

body crack!

Yu Hong

self doll(s)

installation view

self doll


Palme and people

installation view

exhibition 身体噪音 BODY NOISES

身体噪音 时代之异

















2012527日 于北京中央美术学院

Body Noise is Epochal Alienation


The mankind lasts today, and what perplexes the mankind the most perhaps is their body. All the vicissitudes involve with body. Where there remains history, the image of body dominates. Body is to be admired while also be denied at certain moment. On the surface, body seems to be owned by an individual, but actually it is the result of history and together possessed by society. It looks like a physical outfit, but it culminates with religion and concept. The existence of body reveals the existing social value. When questions are ponders, there must be an on-site body to confirm.


This is the theme of body and the pre-requisite for the expression of body today. When body produces noises, it is because of the entanglement of itself. The society conducts a series of social behavior under body, from birth to life, from body to potentiality. What all we have has been socialized, been politicalized. The limits of body exist before we were born. Birth and death have already been coded. Naturally the birth of our body and ripen of our body begins with the struggle between our body and what it already has been tamed and trained.


Through his entire life, some can never find the meaning of self. It might appear a wealthy life with fur-coat and BMW, but his soul has already gone, leaving only a physical outfit. While someone is willing to receive all the solitude and poverty just to confirm the meaning of life beyond body especially among those believers. With the development of society, the active expression and the action to distinguish body in art are quite bizarre and contradictory. In contemporary art, body is repeatedly used as an expression for experiment. The implementation of artistic behavior and the visual effect all cater for the purpose of an on-site body. Art inspires the mankind how to de-kitsch, how to re-live the body as a spiritual existence to against decaying. Body doesn’t become more free under a more prosperous material world. On the contrary, it alerts the body with inspection ubiquitously. There is nowhere for body to escape.


Thus the taming and training of body become stronger, as we don’t have religion. That’s why we are afraid of our body and want to destroy it.  The same structure in art expresses the soul’s salvation and turnover to body. This exhibition reflects such an attitude, the variation of body is seen through performing art to video. From their artworks, we could deeply experience the dual confrontation of body as a subject and object. The artists describe the condition of body through an artistic mode and reveal the soul of body through their behavior. In particular, the self-denial as a narration questions the physical trait of body, the oddness and separation of the existing world.


It is because body produces noises that we are moved and try to imagine. We start to think of our body and the world. We recognize those valuable things among the fake and impulsive art scene. Today we don’t lack any art concept, but we are short of the basic recognition and review towards humans. Starting from body, we find the existing error and conflict which remind us not being numb to our body that nurtures our soul. This is the origin of our value. When all these disappear, where is our body? When a healthy body exists and a soul decays, what is the use of body? When art becomes meaningless, how artists could be called artists.


Today this is what we should respond and consider. In order to quiet the noise inside our body, we need to erase the “canker” in society which is also one of the function of art that endowed by the present epoch. This is what we as artists should take.



Wang Chunchen

May 27, 2012

Selected works:

Deng Biwen, "the mechanical pleasure of youth", mechanical installation, 70x70x25 cm, 2012

Liu Yanan, "fade", video, 2010

Wang Yuhong, "Expired exhibition dates", installation, 2012

Wang Yuhong, "Expired exhibition dates", installation, 2012

Laomean, "copy from orgasm - longevity", HD digital video, 2010

Susanne Junker, "self doll is floating at Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong during HK art fair after party 2011", photograph, 30 x 40 cm , lambda print, 2011

Susanne Junker, "self doll is flying at YY's Shanghai", photograph, 30 x 40 cm , lambda print, 2011

Lui Yanan, video

Chen Yongwei, "vacancy of no. 17 seat on the train series NO.3, paper and crayons, 60 x 80 cm, 2008

Xu Shijun, "a bookmark", inkjet print, 60 x 90 cm, 2012

Xu Shijun, "Fulcrum NO.2", inkjet print, 60 x 90 cm, 2012

Xu Shijun, "Fulcrum NO.1", inkjet print, 60 x 90 cm, 2012

Sunday 3 June 2012

body noises preps - self dolls are coming alive 身体噪音(准备中)- 自相娃娃要复活了

Friday 18 May 2012

next friday: Laurent Friquet - make room #4 - in Dijon / France

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