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Wednesday 5 June 2013

the art-hole

not much blogging lately - in the heaven of dust the mind get's foggy as well...

...lot's happened...

check further posts...SJ

Thursday 2 May 2013

a relict of old times

Our beloved-behated elevator including the elevator woman (dian ti ayi) will shortly be gone.

A relict of old times will vanish.

A new lift is on the way. And the crazy chatty dian ti ayi's voice won't be heard in the gallery anymore.

Friday 23 November 2012

new graffiti 新涂鸦

there is a new graffiti on our M50 graffiti wall. 


Let's dance! 


Tuesday 4 September 2012

M 50 joint opening tomorrow

Tomorrow, Shanghai art week kicks of with its legendary M50 compound joint opening uniting visiting crowds and galleries.

My partner gallery EASTLINK has a show on view, see details below. Me - for myself leave behind the white cube walls and move to the french concession to another legendary space - YY's - for 4 days during fair time - SH contemporary is opening doors tomorrow with preview, vernissage and a fancy party on Bund 3.

So if you are not dizzy after to much of much come and see the late night show at YY's.















Dear Friends of Eastlink Gallery,

We cordially invite you to the opening of Shadow Painting-Works on paper by YU Aijun. 

Shadow Paining-Works on paper by Yu Aijun


Opening: Wednesday 5 September, 17:00-19:00, 2012


Duration: September 5-16, 2012

Eastlink Gallery is pleased to present Shadow Painting-Works on paper by Yu Aijun. One distinct character of Yu’s works is that they create a sense of distance, shadowed yet very powerful. The artist treats small details in a way as if they embody great significance. Yu’s works on paper breathe the air of confidence and calmness, which can be easily received by the audience. By adapting the uncertainty the rubbing technique creates, Yu explores the treasure mine of paper paintings, extracts and formulates an expressive method of his own character.


This exhibition will showcase Yu Aijun’s most recent works on paper, show lasts until September 16.


Yu Aijun, born 1971, in Liaoning province, China, now works and lives in Shenyang.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

no smoking in M50 (M50园区禁止吸烟)

no smoking in M50 - are you kidding me? I am a non-smoker (quit 6 years ago) but this sign must fall under the category "absurdities around town" since I see no way that this will ever work.

Don't get it? Artists NEED cigarettes (or at least they think they do!)


M50园区禁止吸烟 - 你是在跟我开玩笑吗?我是一个非吸烟者 (六年前戒的烟),但这个招牌根本就荒谬极了,因为我并不认为它会产生多大的作用。

不理解吗?艺术家需要香烟 (至少他们是这样认为的!)

Tuesday 20 September 2011

artists love stageBACK 艺术家们爱stageBACK

stageBACK artists love to come to Shanghai and right after Laurent Friquet left, Gordon Chandler showed up to complete new works at a Minhang located factory.

Previewed to be shown at stageBACK in 2012!

stageBACK的艺术家们喜欢来上海,就在Laurent Friquet刚走不久,艺术家Gordon Chandler来到这里并在位于闵行的工厂里完成了他的新的作品,在闵行工厂位于。


Gordon-Chandler_76 cm x 91 cm x 35 cm.

Gordon-Chandler_197 cm x 234 cm.

Gordon-Chandler_188 cm x 174 cm.

Friday 9 September 2011

"JOINT连接" group exhibition群展

"JOINT," group exhibition with Konstantin Bayer, Laurent Friquet, Li Haifeng, Lin Qing, Thomas Palme, He Saibang, Lars Wild, Qin Yifeng, Hu Zi.

 “连接”,Konstantin Bayer, Laurent Friquet,李海峰,林清,Thomas Palme,何塞邦,Lars Wild,秦一峰,胡子群展。

Installation view, Words and Picture by He Saibang 2011

字与图 何赛邦 2011 场景图

Installation view, GOETHE-series by Thomas Palme 2011

GOETHE系列 Thomas Palme 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Linefield by Qin Yifeng 1998 | 2004

线场系列 秦一峰 1998 | 2004 场景图 
Installation view, drawings by Thomas Palme 2011 (on the right)

铅笔画 Thomas Palme 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, paintings by Hu Zi 2011 (on the right)

布面油画 胡子 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, Sans Tire-series by Laurent Friquet 2009 (on the left)

《无标题》系列 Laurent Friquet 2009 场景图 (左边)

Installation view, pecil on paper,drawings by Li Haifeng 2011 (on the right)

素描 李海峰 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, paintings by Lars Wild 2009 (on the left)

油画 Lars Wild 2009 场景图 (左边)

Installation view, Instrument Series by Lin Qing 2011

仪表系列 林清 2011 场景图 

Installation view, paintings by Lars Wild 2009 | 2010

油画 Lars Wild 2009 | 2010 场景图 

Installation view, Heads by Konstantin Bayer 2011

头 孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Windows | Door | Erhu by Konstantin Bayer 2011

窗户|门|二胡  孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, In front | behind  by Konstantin Bayer 2011

前面 | 后面 孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Hot air and the invisible boundary by Konstantin Bayer 2011

热空气和看不见的边界  孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, The invisible idol by Konstantin Bayer 2011

隐形的偶像 孔石厅 2011 场景图

Installation view, Horse by Konstantin Bayer 2011

头 孔石厅 2011 场景图

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Additional works of JOINT

To celebrate shanghai "art week' and that includes the SH-contemporary art fair and countless openings we are happy to 

showcase additional works of JOINT, a  group show of Eastlink and 

stageBACK artists that includes:


Gordon Chandler 

Gao Brothers | 高师兄弟

Chris Gill | 李云飞   

He Saibang | 何赛邦  

He Yunchang | 何云昌  

Barbara Anna Husar   

Li Wei | 李威

Tang Xiaowen | 唐潇雯   

Yu Fan | 于凡   

Monday 5 September 2011


That is a nice "kick off" for Shanghai art week!

Thursday 1 September 2011

Live performance by french artist Laurent Friquet

The flyers flew in this morning.
Don't miss September 6 performance!

The end of the tunnel隧道的结束

Friday 19 August 2011

M50 Joint Opening on September 6th 9月6日M50艺术区联合开幕日

This morning we just received the invitation for the M50 Joint Opening on September 6, just the evening before the SH Contemporary art fair opening. 

During our opening,  artist Laurent Friquet will perform his newest performance  Make Room # 3. Pogonirique. At 7h30.

今天早上我们刚收到9月6日M50联合开幕日的邀请,这是在上海国际博览会国际当代艺术展 举办的前一天。 

在我们开幕式期间,艺术家Laurent Friquet 将在7点半为我们表演他最新的演出 Make Room # 3. Pogonirique 。

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