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Thursday 31 January 2013

our booth at ART GENEVE

Saturday 26 January 2013

ART Genève 2013

stage候台BACK is pleased to participate with a solo project by Bili Bidjocka at Art Genève, presenting recent works from his first exhibition in China « …Do Not Take It, Do Not Eat It, This Is Not My Body… » ), that was held during the 9th Shanghai Biennale in October 2012. This project is made possible in co-production with Gallery Olivier Robert.

We hope to welcome you!

Bili Bidjocka, "Dis-ambiguation Nr 3", digital print on ceramic plate, 40 cm diameter, 2012

Denied transubstantiation

The body has played a major role in the history of art. In contemporary art, however, it is invested with new meanings that go beyond the notion of traditional portraiture. The body can now convey a different kind of narration. In his work, Bili Bidjocka has always leaned towards absence, immateriality. In the series of works entitled This is not my body, he chose to introduce an embodiment he refuses as soon as it appears before us. His Shanghai presentation is paradigmatic in this respect, representing the Communion table as an empty space without guests. It is a conspicuous message: the body, or at least the body parts printed on these plates, are foreign to him. The body no longer belongs to its owner and becomes a metaphor. The embodiment of the self is here something that the viewer must approach and grasp in all the complexity of its multiple dimensions. The body becomes matter. Paradoxically, it is this embodiment which transforms it into an abstraction, as Henri-Pierre Jeudi appropriately notes: "The images of the body do not affect the body as a separate entity, they befall simultaneously as images of the world. Language can only build random classifications, which will invariably lend a near-delusional meaning to the interpretation. To some extent, the collision of body images reveals the absence of a proper body language. Indeed, the ways in which the body is spoken already implies a negation of the image by the implicit objectification of meaning" .

This fractured body is not black. It only becomes so when claimed as such. And the message it conveys is not its own entirely. It is a blank canvas, a connecting passage between the artist and the viewer, between the personal and the public spheres. It is the centre of an eternal conflict, deeply fed by the negotiation of the contradictory notion of perception. On the one side, there is the perceived body, the conveyed image and, on the other one, the interpretation thereof. Mastering this dual reality demands amplifying its meaning. We should do so to avoid the misunderstandings, stereotypes and misconceptions that accompany any idea of representation. By denying his exposed body, Bili Bidjocka refuses the mediumistic operation of transubstantiation. By cutting his body into thirteen parts, incarnating Christ and its Twelve Apostles, his inner reality dissolves in detail. He is no longer there. Vanished and gone. Once again, we are faced with the absence, because what our eyes should contemplate lies beyond the realm of visibility. We should, as suggested by Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida, "close our eyes to see better". 

Simon Njami, January 2013

Henri-Pierre Jeudi, The body as an object of art, Paris, Armand Collin / Masson, 1998

Bili Bidjocka, "Dis-ambiguation Nr 6, 11, 9", digital print on ceramic plate, 40 cm diameter, 2012


Art Genève, PALEXPO SA, Route Francois-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex/GE, Switzerland.

Opening hours:

Thursday  January 31, 12h – 20h 
Friday  February 01,  12h – 20h
Saturday February 02, 12h – 20h
Sunday  February 03,  12h – 20h

Friday 9 November 2012

Liu Tao at PHOTO OFF 刘涛作品之巴黎PHOTO OFF艺博会

stage候台BACK is proud to present Liu Tao's solo presentation "a weak road" at the "salon PHOTO OFF"  in Paris next week. 

Click HERE to see their website.





The weak walks on a weak road, naked body is as light as float snow. Don’t cut feet to fit shoes, be profligate as everything will go back to origin.


One day, when I read Study Record, I was shocked to see the words “Snow floating on the soup”, 

It was just precise----time is only a huge plate of soup, any individual is forced to accept the fate of decoction. We are the food of time. Residue of food or even nothing exist is the same future by different routes.


However, the modern civilization within full of money games is keeping preaching ‘Enjoy Now’. The weak Individuals can’t help swaying, and finally join the crazy party: the dish of time soup. Everyone loses the fears to time, just like the prisoner who has got a chance to escape from death future, provoking and mocking at time at will.



They ruin everything, not only old buildings and the history, but also the tininess that why a person becomes a person. They believe themselves are great. They believe in that they are walking on a great way, along which people will have a brand new future for sure. They believe they are shining and they brighten the time which was inanimate previously. How amazing: they motivate the world and give it a passionate life. They are deeply proud of the elegant images they left in the soup of time. They are intoxicated with the magic of the mixture of authority and violence. They control themselves, shake the world as well.



No matter where, China or the United States, the faces with tears of excitement when hearing the great way always occupy the screens we cannot avoid watching. The individual is forced to accept a new time system, a new kind of suffering. In this system, people thus possess a spiritual appearance, and a right one.


Sitting in front of the screen, we accept the baptism under those exciting words never-falling. We are becoming cleaner, holier and more emotional from day to day. Every day we see the world getting more and more prosperous, which is so strong and so great. We are moved to tears while we are killing the wrong spiritualism in our bodies.





Being insulted and damaged is definitely wrong, the screen is always right. However, who is guiding time? Who is casting time?


Suspecting is wrong, which beat us mercilessly and take love, beauty and kindness away from us. It will lead us to have nothing, bleeding eyes and tired to death.




The Weak Road is a song of skeptics. He is eager to own a screen in which he can fill his disobeyal and to keep his suspicion.

Saturday 19 May 2012


ART 12 HK attracts many people in and out the art world this year.

在香港的 Art 12 HK 今年吸引了许多的观众

Read about it (在这里读更多)








Some snaps of works that popped into my eye, liked, found absurd or wondered before my iphone died yesterday.


A solid solo booth of artist Marcel Dzama by Sies+Hoke /DD/Germany

Güclü Öytekin was one of many turkish artists represented at the fair.

Turkey spans technically to Asia and HK still claims to be an asian fair (really?)

That will be over latest next year when Art Basel promotes the fair 2013 with their regular banner.

the diamonds are gone hey, I wanna see the collector guy that spends HK$ 400.000 on that piece. (it is copper!)

Appropriate title: "supper" by Haruo Mitsuta

a pre KTV memory by He Xiangyu at White Space Beijing

like candies, therefor a very popular piece of fantasy passports at OSAGE. Artist; Tintin Wulia

She greeted you at the entrance of the 2nd floor and is a photographed superstar.

Artist: Shen Shaomin


a funny overseas NYC chinatown piece by Cao Fei titled "hip hop NY installation"

at lombard-freid

Artist: Horvath Tibor: Donation for the benefit of Democracy. 

C'mon, swin a coin!

just me in the mirror.... (sorry, did not note down the creator of this piece)

minimalism (we have seen this yes! yes?) The booth was calm and white and peaceful...

Artist: Wiyoga Muhardanto

Gallery: Platform 3

man in the moon of emergency exit...(hmmmmmm??...)

Artist: Robert McNally at David Risley gallery

Louise Bourgeoise, thanks for him, titled: "we love you" - YES, we LOVE YOU!

Lot's of watercolors and more of her works were presented at the fair by many dealers.

some stylish toilet in some HK mall. 

this one is for my friend Thomas Rusch (sorry, did not note the artist)

(bonjour mon cher: die "klackern" genauso wie bei dir Zuhause...)

a good Keith at Jerome de Noirmont 

my iphone coffee bar self portrait turned into a homage to Anish Kappor. His wall dishes were everywhere in all colors - art, the new fashion factor. This summer collection fits to my shoes and bag as well! 

so religious somehow and beautiful, simple... no fashion factor here.

would be better if drawing...just saw, they are fine art photo prints, wonder if photoshopped...

or treated the old way? Have to ask Artist Nevin Aladag.

Carla Busuttil, "Nations trading raw materials over raw fish 2011", oil on canvas

some absurd feather child by Lucy Glendinning for 15500 euro. Edition 1/4

at Galeri-Andersson/Sandstrom

drawing this time by another Turk: Rasim Askan. Good art at a nice Gallery called "Galerist" from Istanbul.

the doggy nanny

I call it "arme Sau"

The real title is: "good boy" by Dongwood Lee at Arario Gallery

OK, seen enough....going back to Shanghai now!

Monday 14 May 2012

red dots

any questions?

Friday 11 May 2012


Getting ready for YAT (young art fair Taipei)

YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2012 |2012.05.11~05.13
9F Sheraton Taipei Hotel | No.12, Sec.1, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Taipei City

Thursday 12 January 2012

Art Stage Singapore 艺术登陆新加坡博览会

Art Stage Singapore

To kick start 2012 I made it down to Art Stage Singapore.  ArtSS12 will be held on 12 to 15 January at the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre which is this strange looking spaceship like building that over towers the island state. The program concentrates on a "strong Asian identity" but in hand with an Italian management and top European galleries.

"The Asian galleries are juxtaposed against carefully selected Western galleries which will complement and not conflict (White Cube, Victoria Miro, Lehmann Maupin, Perrotin, Eigen & Art, etc). They will add an additional value and will make a special effort. It makes absolutely no sense to blow up an art fair in Asia with countless occidental galleries presenting and offering what they were not able to sell in the West"

Impressions below ... of what is so far  - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue ...



亚洲画廊与那些精心挑选的西方画廊们相提并论,这会是一种互补而非冲突(White Cube, Victoria Miro, Lehmann Maupin, Perrotin, Eigen & Art等画廊)。他们会为本次博览会增更多的附加价值,并会为此作出特殊努力。当然无数西方画廊也不会展示并提供些无法在西方销售的图片来毁掉这次亚洲艺术博览会,因为这是完全没有意义的。

以下是些些印象... ...迄今为止 - 有些是旧的,有些是新的东西,有些是借来的东西,还有些带点儿忧郁...

Thursday 27 October 2011

Days in CUT/LOG

self doll watching booth at night 自我娃娃晚上在看着展位

bourse de commerce de Paris 巴黎电子商务交易所

Susanne and Peter Hoennemann 

Susanne and Minako Norimatsu
Alexis (IFA galerie) and me,Alexis (IFA画廊)和我
with Linda Grabe from the flying dinners
和来自飞来晚餐的 Linda Grabe 一起合照
bourse de commerce...wonderful roof!
Barbara Husar
with Barbara Husar 和 Barbara Husar 的合照

Mrs and Mr Richard, self doll and me, Richard夫妇,自我娃娃和我

Linda is art-ed out! Linda已经艺术过了!

last sunday, 8 pm, finished! 上周日,晚上8点,艺术博览会结束了!

Thursday 20 October 2011

CUT/LOG start

Thursday 13 October 2011

CUTLOG press release


For Immediate release  及时发布                                                                                     

stage候台BACK  Gallery curatorial direction for Cut/Log 2011


The curatorial direction for stageBACK’s first participation at an art fair in Europe revolves around globalism societal and cultural exchanges. German owned and Shanghai located, stageBACK has concentrated on these zeitgeist facts since its inauguration in 2008 and has been working with various international and Chinese artists.

The artworks presented at the cutlog art fair break the rule that separates western art and Chinese art. What exactly is Chinese contemporary art? Is it a specification because the artist holds a Chinese passport? Or is there room for consideration to name a British born artist  living and working in China since 20 years a Chinese artist (Yunfei  Li 李云飞)? The so called western artists who have traveled to China and often stay to work, pick up Asian influences that appear in their works and show how the Chinese society is perceived by foreign eyes (Gordon Chandler, Thomas Palme). In this rapidly changing society and fast traveling times the difference becomes blurry and Western elements blent easily within the surroundings of Shanghai.

 American artist Terence Lloren's mission is to complete an entire sound collection of constantly changing Shanghai and the noises that come with it. Visitors at stageBACK's booth are invited to tag a 2D barcode with their smartphone  that will upload a webpage with additional info about the booth and different recordings made in public spaces in Shanghai. This interactive technology makes it possible for the visitor to listen to the sounds of this never sleeping metropolis.

Further on, stageBACK’s interest is to identify young local talents and is proud to present 26 year old Xiaowen Tang’s 2000 year old technique "Gong Bi" paintings for the first time in Europe.


在cutlog艺术博览会上展出的艺术作品们打破了西方艺术和中国艺术分隔的规则。中国当代艺术究竟施什么?难道它只是一个 艺术家持有中国护照的规范?又或者是它给了出生于英国,却生活和工作在中国将近20年的中国画家李云飞(Yunfei Li)一个空间?那些不远万里来到中国,并常常熬夜工作的所谓的西方艺术家们,将亚洲对他们的影响放在了他们的作品之中,来展现在外国人的视角里中国社会是如何被感知的(还包括艺术家Gordon Chandler和Thomas Palme)。在这个瞬息万变和快速行驶的社会差异越来越模糊,西方元素也越来越容易混合入上海的环境中。

美国艺术家Terence Lloren的使命是完成一个整个的对不断变化的上海的声音以及随之而变的噪音的采集工作。来到stage候台BACK的展台参观者都将被邀请来标记他们智能手机的二维条码,将其上传至网页就将获得有关展位以及在上海不同的公共场所的不同录音的其他信息。这种互动技术可以让参观者们来聆听来自这个不夜城大都市的声音。


tist represented at the booth 展台代表的艺术家:

- Gordon Chandler (sculpture)

- Yunfei  Li 李云飞 (sculpture and painting)

- Terence Lloren 罗天瑞 (sound)

- Thomas Palme (works on paper)

- Xiaowen Tang 唐潇雯 (painting)

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Getting ready for Euro trip为欧洲之旅准备!

Monday morning,  Beijing, Munich and Paris are ahead of me.... and stuffing the suitcase full of art and 2D sound tags made by Terence Lloren for our booth at the cut/log art fair in October.

星期一早晨,北京,慕尼黑和巴黎就在我的前面....以及为了我们10月在巴黎cut/log艺术博览会上的展位所准备的装满了艺术作品和由Terence Lloren制作2D声音标签的行李箱。

More from stageBACK travels soon while THE TEAM us staying put in Shanghai for the JOINT groupshow up till Sept 26!