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Friday 13 November 2009

Gallery life 畫廊生活

Backstage at stageBACK.

Gallery life. Nov 12 2009. A regular day. Susi and Mandy @ W.O.R.K.

畫廊生活. 11月12日09年. 一半的一天. Susi 和 Mandy @上.班.時.

Watch the video here

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Poster 海報

. . . here it is - Palme  OVERSIZED!

Saturday 12 September 2009


We are getting ready for the BIG CHILL during the crazy crazy crazy crazy Shanghai  crazy crazy crazy contemporary art week. Too many openings, too much wine, too much blah blah in too many languages . . .  too many headaches in the morning. Therefore we are chillin' at stageBACK and you are welcome too|to the opening, wine, blah blah in many languages.

我們已經準備歡迎BIG CHILL在這個瘋瘋瘋週瘋瘋瘋的藝術週. 太多開幕式, 太多酒, 太多五顏六色的blah blah blah... 太多早暈. 所以我們就在stageBACK休息休息但是你們也歡迎來到我們的開幕式, 喝酒, 聊天blah blah.

With us is Laurent Friquets  film that was made during his performance at the Grand Palais in Paris. "A trip Around " - - - Quote: And shaking and dancing with you......." And he will in Shanghai in 2010 LIVE!

跟我門一起是 Laurent Friquets 電影, 這個電影做出在他的Grand Palais巴黎的演唱會. A trip Around " - - - Quote: And shaking and dancing with you......."

他也回來到上海在 2010 LIVE!

Still around today and tomorrow Sunday till 18h at 696 Weihai Lu.


Check out.

Laurent Friquets blog

Sunday 16 November 2008

stage候台BACK - the people “ 藝們人 ”

stageback host presenting Susanne Junker & Amandy Michiru Chien 

Susanne Junker & Amandy Chien