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Monday 15 October 2012

Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯 at CUT/LOG

Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯 , top to bottom: I know their secret No.08, I know their secret No.10, I know their secret No.18,
all: Ink on Silk, 18 cm diameter, 2012

Wednesday 18 April 2012

introducing the YAT preview show 2012

The Age of Unrest, the yearly YAT (young Art fair Taipei) preview show in Tainan Taiwan.

April 25 - May 6

Opening May 28

We are happy to announce the participation with Tang Xiaowens work at the YAT preview show and for the first time in Taiwan.

Monday 12 March 2012

getting ready for Taipei trip

Going to Taipei with 
HU ZI 胡子
all wrapped UP!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Terence Lloren sound piece

Terence Lloren sound piece,Terence Lloren 的声音作品
I Know their secret by Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯 《我知道他们的秘密》

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme, Thomas Palme《毛泽东》
Somewhere in time - series by Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯《片段》系列

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme, Thomas Palme《毛泽东》

Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Our booth 我们的展位

booth A12 展位A12

Middle: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler
中间:Gordon Chandler的《Red Kimono》

Right: Bu wending by Li Yunfei 右边:李云飞的《不稳定》

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme,Thomas Palme《毛泽东》

Cloud - series by Li Yunfei 李云飞的《云》系列

Cloud - series by Li Yunfei 李云飞的《云》系列

Somewhere in time - series by Tang Xiaowen

Right: Bu wending and Cloud - series  by Li Yunfei

Left 左边: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Middle 中间: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Left: I Know their secret by Tang Xiaowen

Thursday 20 October 2011

CUT/LOG start

Thursday 13 October 2011

CUTLOG press release


For Immediate release  及时发布                                                                                     

stage候台BACK  Gallery curatorial direction for Cut/Log 2011


The curatorial direction for stageBACK’s first participation at an art fair in Europe revolves around globalism societal and cultural exchanges. German owned and Shanghai located, stageBACK has concentrated on these zeitgeist facts since its inauguration in 2008 and has been working with various international and Chinese artists.

The artworks presented at the cutlog art fair break the rule that separates western art and Chinese art. What exactly is Chinese contemporary art? Is it a specification because the artist holds a Chinese passport? Or is there room for consideration to name a British born artist  living and working in China since 20 years a Chinese artist (Yunfei  Li 李云飞)? The so called western artists who have traveled to China and often stay to work, pick up Asian influences that appear in their works and show how the Chinese society is perceived by foreign eyes (Gordon Chandler, Thomas Palme). In this rapidly changing society and fast traveling times the difference becomes blurry and Western elements blent easily within the surroundings of Shanghai.

 American artist Terence Lloren's mission is to complete an entire sound collection of constantly changing Shanghai and the noises that come with it. Visitors at stageBACK's booth are invited to tag a 2D barcode with their smartphone  that will upload a webpage with additional info about the booth and different recordings made in public spaces in Shanghai. This interactive technology makes it possible for the visitor to listen to the sounds of this never sleeping metropolis.

Further on, stageBACK’s interest is to identify young local talents and is proud to present 26 year old Xiaowen Tang’s 2000 year old technique "Gong Bi" paintings for the first time in Europe.


在cutlog艺术博览会上展出的艺术作品们打破了西方艺术和中国艺术分隔的规则。中国当代艺术究竟施什么?难道它只是一个 艺术家持有中国护照的规范?又或者是它给了出生于英国,却生活和工作在中国将近20年的中国画家李云飞(Yunfei Li)一个空间?那些不远万里来到中国,并常常熬夜工作的所谓的西方艺术家们,将亚洲对他们的影响放在了他们的作品之中,来展现在外国人的视角里中国社会是如何被感知的(还包括艺术家Gordon Chandler和Thomas Palme)。在这个瞬息万变和快速行驶的社会差异越来越模糊,西方元素也越来越容易混合入上海的环境中。

美国艺术家Terence Lloren的使命是完成一个整个的对不断变化的上海的声音以及随之而变的噪音的采集工作。来到stage候台BACK的展台参观者都将被邀请来标记他们智能手机的二维条码,将其上传至网页就将获得有关展位以及在上海不同的公共场所的不同录音的其他信息。这种互动技术可以让参观者们来聆听来自这个不夜城大都市的声音。


tist represented at the booth 展台代表的艺术家:

- Gordon Chandler (sculpture)

- Yunfei  Li 李云飞 (sculpture and painting)

- Terence Lloren 罗天瑞 (sound)

- Thomas Palme (works on paper)

- Xiaowen Tang 唐潇雯 (painting)

Wednesday 24 August 2011

one more week! LOST AND FOUND!

One more week of our inauguration exhibition at M50. Come and see "the corridor at the end of times" by Chris Gill and more works by him, Maleonn, Tang Xiao Wen, Laurent Friquet, Xepo and Kathryn Gohmert.

还有一个礼拜就是我们在M50的就职展览啦。快过来看看艺术家李云飞的《时间尽头的走廊》以及他其他的作品, 马良,唐萧雯,Laurent Friquet, Xepo and Kathryn Gohmert。

Don't miss! Till August 31.


Installation View THE CORRIDOR AT THE END OF TIME by Chris Gill 2011
《时空尽头的走廊》李云飞 2011 场景图

Installation view, Gong Bi drawings by Tang Xiao Wen 2010 | 2011 
工笔画 唐萧雯 2010 | 2011 场景图

Installation view, ASIAN CITY series, six pieces, each 1m x 2m, mixed media by Chris Gill 2011
《ASIAN CITY》,共6张每张 1m x 2m,混合媒介,李云飞 2011 场景图

Installation view, URBANVIDEOSCAPESHANGHAI by Kathryn Ghomert and XEPO W.S. 2011
《URBANVIDEOSCAPESHANGHAI》,Kathryn Ghomert and XEPO W.S.  2011 场景图

76cm x 145cm, pencil on paper and
TEENAGER RIDES A FISH BALLOON TO TRAFEL, 145cm x 76 cm, pencil on paper
by Maleonn 2011 
《恋人牵手面对海啸来临》,76cm x 145cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图
《少年骑鱼乘气球去远行》,145cm x 76cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图

ACCORDION PLAYER BURNS HIMSELF IN THE GRASS, 145cm x 76cm, pencil on paper
by Maleonn 2011
《手风琴手在草原上点燃了自己》,145cm x 76cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图

MAKE ROOM #2 and MAKE ROOM #3, 80cm x 120cm, photography
by Laurent Friquet 2010
MAKE ROOM #2 and MAKE ROOM #3》,80cm x 120cm摄影,Laurent Friquet 2011 场景图

80cm x 120cm, photography
by Laurent Friquet 2010
MAKE ROOM #1》,80cm x 120cm摄影,Laurent Friquet 2011 场景图

Video projection of the performance MAKE ROOM by Laurant Friquet 2010
视频投影表演 《MAKE ROOMLaurent Friquet 2010

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Introducing: Tang Xiao Wen

stage候台BACK   is proud to present Tang Xiaowen (唐潇雯) works for the first time in Shanghai. Her delicate ink on silk works (technique "GONG BI", meticulous painting) demonstrate lost times, portraying her family members, often as children as well as a young child in her self portrait series "somewhere in time". The young Beijing artist (born 1985) indicates with her works the bittersweet nostalgia that human history can not run away from. Installed within her beloved found objects of personal compelling memories, she lets us be a part of her past. 
stage候台BACK  非常荣幸为唐潇雯在上海提供首次作品展示空间. 灵动的丝绸水墨画(工筆畫),追忆似水年华,勾勒家庭温馨片段,常常就好像 唐潇雯自己的自画像(《片段》之六)一样所展示的自己的孩童时代一样.出生于1983的80后北京艺术家唐潇雯用她温馨甜蜜又略带伤感的作品展示里一段我们无法遗忘的历史片断.伴随着她自己的私人收藏,唐潇雯让我们自己也成为了她追忆里的一部分.
《片段》之四     <Somewhere In Time>No.4, Φ34cm, ink on silk, 2010
《片段》之二     <Somewhere In Time>No.2 Φ34cm, ink on silk, 2009
《家庭相册》之一    <Family album>No.1, 100 cm x 76 cm, ink on silk, 2011
《家庭相册》之四    <Family album>No.4, 112cm 80cm, ink on silk, 2011
《七月流火》      <Wildfire In July>, 80cm 50cm, ink on silk, 2010