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Saturday 26 January 2013

ART Genève 2013

stage候台BACK is pleased to participate with a solo project by Bili Bidjocka at Art Genève, presenting recent works from his first exhibition in China « …Do Not Take It, Do Not Eat It, This Is Not My Body… » ), that was held during the 9th Shanghai Biennale in October 2012. This project is made possible in co-production with Gallery Olivier Robert.

We hope to welcome you!

Bili Bidjocka, "Dis-ambiguation Nr 3", digital print on ceramic plate, 40 cm diameter, 2012

Denied transubstantiation

The body has played a major role in the history of art. In contemporary art, however, it is invested with new meanings that go beyond the notion of traditional portraiture. The body can now convey a different kind of narration. In his work, Bili Bidjocka has always leaned towards absence, immateriality. In the series of works entitled This is not my body, he chose to introduce an embodiment he refuses as soon as it appears before us. His Shanghai presentation is paradigmatic in this respect, representing the Communion table as an empty space without guests. It is a conspicuous message: the body, or at least the body parts printed on these plates, are foreign to him. The body no longer belongs to its owner and becomes a metaphor. The embodiment of the self is here something that the viewer must approach and grasp in all the complexity of its multiple dimensions. The body becomes matter. Paradoxically, it is this embodiment which transforms it into an abstraction, as Henri-Pierre Jeudi appropriately notes: "The images of the body do not affect the body as a separate entity, they befall simultaneously as images of the world. Language can only build random classifications, which will invariably lend a near-delusional meaning to the interpretation. To some extent, the collision of body images reveals the absence of a proper body language. Indeed, the ways in which the body is spoken already implies a negation of the image by the implicit objectification of meaning" .

This fractured body is not black. It only becomes so when claimed as such. And the message it conveys is not its own entirely. It is a blank canvas, a connecting passage between the artist and the viewer, between the personal and the public spheres. It is the centre of an eternal conflict, deeply fed by the negotiation of the contradictory notion of perception. On the one side, there is the perceived body, the conveyed image and, on the other one, the interpretation thereof. Mastering this dual reality demands amplifying its meaning. We should do so to avoid the misunderstandings, stereotypes and misconceptions that accompany any idea of representation. By denying his exposed body, Bili Bidjocka refuses the mediumistic operation of transubstantiation. By cutting his body into thirteen parts, incarnating Christ and its Twelve Apostles, his inner reality dissolves in detail. He is no longer there. Vanished and gone. Once again, we are faced with the absence, because what our eyes should contemplate lies beyond the realm of visibility. We should, as suggested by Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida, "close our eyes to see better". 

Simon Njami, January 2013

Henri-Pierre Jeudi, The body as an object of art, Paris, Armand Collin / Masson, 1998

Bili Bidjocka, "Dis-ambiguation Nr 6, 11, 9", digital print on ceramic plate, 40 cm diameter, 2012


Art Genève, PALEXPO SA, Route Francois-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex/GE, Switzerland.

Opening hours:

Thursday  January 31, 12h – 20h 
Friday  February 01,  12h – 20h
Saturday February 02, 12h – 20h
Sunday  February 03,  12h – 20h

Sunday 13 January 2013

Time out mag on Chris Gill's secret 7 club house

Sunday 16 December 2012

La Collection du Centre Pompidou first show in Shanghai

While the Shanghai Biennale is rotting and falling apart in Shanghai's Power Station of Art, the Pompidou Center moved into the 7th floor to host their first time ever show in Mainland China. 

"Electric Fields: Surrealism and Beyond" opened yesterday and a visit there feels rejuvenating. You'll see a well curated show with an educational approach for the chinese audience and an impeccable presentation. 

More here from

ANOTHER exhibit of French art masterpieces will open in Shanghai on December 16, a month after the opening of 19th century French artwork from the Musee d'Orsay at the Shanghai China Art Museum.

The new exhibit, entitled "Electric Fields: Surrealism and Beyond - La Collection du Centre Pompidou," will take place at the Power Station of Art through March 15.

It's the first exhibit in which the Centre Pompidou, a leading museum of modern and contemporary art, has worked with a public art museum in China.

On Thursday, 65 cases containing 102 groups of art, including video, paintings, sculpture and manuscripts, will arrive at Shanghai.

The exhibit will be divided into six categories, each starting with a masterpiece in different themes of Surrealism, including the artwork of Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968), the father of Dadaism, according to Xiang Liping, spokeswoman of Power Station of Art.

The exhibit takes its name from its venue, a former electric power station, and the first work of literary surrealism, "The Magnetic Fields," written by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault in 1919. Surrealists frequently use the electric arc and short-circuit as metaphors to illustrate their aesthetics of bringing together ideas or images that reason sets apart.

Shanghai Biennale, which opened October 1, is ongoing at Power Station of Art. The exhibit from the Centre Pompidou is set for 1,000 square meters on the 7th floor. Tickets will be available on

And HERE an art newspaper article about the Pompidou going Global. 

Saturday 15 December 2012

more secret 7 更多“秘密7”

Chris Gills new space "THE SECRET 7 CLUBHOUSE" is perking up for another opening of the "secret 7 artists" showcasing a good selection of local Shanghai-nese artists both chinese and foreigners.


The Secret 7 artist group presents


In this world of lost in translation, confused aesthetics, misunderstandings and obscure references, the Secret 7 explore cultural subtexts of life on the edges of different civilizations in the 21st century.
For this event the artists work will be on show in the tourist area of Shanghai which has 3 million visitors a year. Speaking the international language of contemporary art the Secret 7 hope to expand in some way interaction and understanding between different and diverse cultures.
在这个迷失于解读、困惑美学、误解和隐晦所指的世界中  , “秘密7"立于本世纪不同文化的边缘,探索生活的弦外之音。
本次活动的艺术作品将被展出于一个热门的沪上旅游景点,该景点每年接待300万游客。用国际化的语言表达当代艺术,  “秘密7" 希望扩大不同文化及多种文化之间的互动和理解方式。

The opening is tomorrow, info below the photographs. Note: the 50 RMB curry and one bottle of beer - and every beer after is 10 kuai, a great deal by partner restaurant "The Kommune".

So - no artist will starve and stay dry. We'll warm up with enough to drink and a good time.

some of mine 7 secret photographs and Liu Taos works

here with Caucasso

mixed media
Sunday, Dec 16, 4 pm - 8 pm
House No. 48, lane 248, Taikang Road (behind Kommune)


Friday 30 November 2012

pictures from Chris Gill opening at the Kommune last night 李云飞公社酒吧开幕式图片

some iphone pix from Chris new works in his artist and residence space at the Kommune at Tianzifang.


DJ for the night: Caucasso Lee Jun

当晚DJ:Caucasso Lee Jun

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Chris Gill in Kommune's new artist in residency program opening this thursday! 公社酒吧艺术驻留项目本周四开幕!李云飞受邀成为首位驻留艺术家

Announcing Kommune’s first art residency programme

Kommune has begun pioneering an art residency programme in Tianzifang.
The first preview will be this Thursday, to coincide with the Wine
Democracy event that aims to select Kommune's next House Wine of the Month;
and this is done by blind wine tasting by our 8 wine suppliers with our customers.

Tianzifang (TZF), now a thriving area with estimated 3 million
visitors a year,  was originally begun by artists, namely Chen Yi Fei
and others. Kommune hope to bring more artistic practise back into the
TZF area, and thanks anyone who wishes to support or contribute to
this endeavour.

To announce the project, and to illustrate what we are talking about,
there will be a preview of some of the work being created by the first
artist to work in this project, Chris Gill.

We will show some of his new work in building 48, just behind Kommune.
Chris Gill seemed a suitable candidate for the first artist to invite,
as he has been working in China for 20 years, and has worked in
several artist communities from Yuanminyuan in Beijing to Weihai road
696 in Shanghai.

The preview will be held from 7.30pm to 9.30PM. For further information
please call Tina @ 13621957845
更多信息,请联系Tina, 13621957845

Sunday 25 November 2012

the end of the world was yesterday 昨天,世界末日

Chris got his piece "the end of the world map" in a show titled "just what is it about the end of the world that makes it so appealing"


curated by Mathieu Borysevicz who is inviting next to  chinese artists a good number of "laowei" (foreigners) artists.

除了中国艺术家之家,组织者Mathieu Borysevicz还邀请了一大批“老外”艺术家。

on view till Dec 31


Chris Gill's "the end of the world map"

Thursday 1 November 2012

the beauty of disappearance 逝去的美好

SEE YA!再见!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

stage候台BACK news from Paris候台画廊来自巴黎的新消息

stage候台BACK is still cruising around Paris with good news to report:

contract signature of Laurent Friquet and VP editions for "make room pogonirique"

Liu Tao's confirmation of solo show at PHOTO OFF in two weeks in Paris.


和行为艺术家Laurent FriquetVP editions就展览"make room pogonirique"签署合同

刘涛的个展确定两周内在巴黎PHOTO OFF艺博会展出

Sunday 9 September 2012

SmartShanghai features stage候台BACK's Susanne Junker on "My Weekender"!

Check out Susanne's article in SmartShanghai as she takes us through her weekend, talking about alternative gallery spaces, Secret7 at YY's and the crazy Shanghai Art Week that has been. 

Tuesday 4 September 2012

beautiful YY's

YYs has been a popular spot for visiting people working in the areas of arts, literature, film and music over this long period. In the world of metaphor it is akin to losing Shanghai’s Viper room.

SAD NEWS! Us, the former 696 residence, this is something to remember - loosing a space! Yet, how to compare 3 years (my 696 time) to 15 (!) years in Shanghais buzzing madness????


Smart Shanghai covers it HERE

Text below:

It's been a long time coming, there have been rumors flying around for the past few years, but we can now tell you categorically that YY's, the much-loved bar on Nanchang Lu, will close after this weekend. From what we understand, Sunday will be the last day. 

However, all is not lost, the bar will keep its downstairs area, and live on, down there, in new form. The upstairs has been taken back by the landlord (boo, hiss) who will attempt to turn it into another bar. Update: The furniture is being moved into downstairs YY's right now and the bar should be open from this evening, 6pm-6am. There's also a happy hour, 7-9pm, with two-for-one-drinks. So if you head down to the bar, go straight downstairs, the upstairs is closed for show installation tonight and tomorrow. 

YY's is one of the oldest bars in Shanghai that's still going. It's been slopping drinks in the same space for more than 15 years. When it opened, it was one of the hottest bars in Shanghai, regularly attracting a queue down the street for its parties. As the bar and club scene became more crowded over the past 10 years, it became a drinking den and a smoke hole, open 24-hours a day for many years, selling basic food in the tranquil wood-lined upstairs room. The downstairs remained closed for many years but opened again about a year ago, though it's rarely been used. 

This Thursday an art show arranged by StageBACK opens in the upstairs bar and will be shown until Sunday. The show, coincidental with this weekend's SH Contemporary art fair, will feature seven Shanghai-based artists who are "similarly going through a process of renewal and re-understanding," like the bar. 

Cheers to you, YingYang, a truly exceptional bar in a city that has few. Long may you live and prosper in your old subterranean digs.

Sunday 19 August 2012

secret 7 artists at YY's

For immediate release:

stageBACK presents the secret 7 artists during the SH Contemporary
at YY's.
Opening September 6, 8pm - late.
Open: 7-9 September, 14h - late.

More information coming soon!

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