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Monday 7 November 2011

Keep the fire burning by Max Moll - Installation view Max Moll先生的 “让火继续燃烧” —— 场景图

We were BURNING on October 29 2011. Fantastic views of Max Moll's award winning video installation "keep the fire burning".
我们在2011年10月29日燃烧。这是Max Moll先生屡获殊荣的视频装置“让火继续燃烧”的绝佳场景图。

Saturday 29 October 2011

Memory of childhood and nostalgia

Artist talk: October 30, 3 pm - 6 pm

Curated by Bai Jiafeng - Contemporary Art 艺术当代 Magazine

Memory of childhood and Nostalgia.

Childhood memory plays an important role in everybody's growing experience, which affects the potential of each individual's psychological orientation and emotional sustenance.Childhood memory is caused by the results of selection and reconstruction of when and what they've experienced.

Through the fragments of memory, we can tell not only interpretation of the knowledge but also the era of social and identity.

Nowadays among young generation, the recalling back  to childhood appears  ahead of average, which is named nostalgia.Nostalgia  is different with the retro style appearing in classic literature. The feature of nostalgia will establish the collective memory related to a personal childhood impression through a series of different images, pictures and situation.

This nostalgia is not only psychologically originated from the pressure made by younger generation when they facing the reality decided to extract, protect and even avoid themselves, but also the image symbol of the rapid developing and quickly update in today's visual experience, which eliminate us quickly.

All in all,  customary in this moment might be a kind of nostalgia in future. 

Discussion topics includes two sub-topics:

1."Different field" --- Reverse think about childhood memory which has already become a collective memory.

First of all, find a common experience and then find out a variety of presence in collective memory by individual differences, at this level, which including how we re-read and rebuild out scene of memory.

2."How do we bury the idol" ----Discuss how does the trend of rapid development change and update quickly. So that the popular which we were accustomed has quickly become to the "nostalgia", which hide the visual landscape of society under the fast development.


Bai Jiafeng | Gao Yuan | Luo Zhan | Maximilian Moll | Xiao Shui  

and many more guests talk about Memory of childhood and nostalgia

67 bullets - film still                                                                 《67发子弹》- 剧照

艺术家谈话:1030日,15:00 18:00


讨论主题   童年记忆与怀旧情结:








白家峰 | 高远 | 洛盏 | Maximilian Moll | 肖水

还有更多的客人参加我们的关于童年记忆与怀旧情结 的谈话。

With kind support 鸣谢赞助:


Friday 28 October 2011

New Show - Keep the fire burning

Keep the fire burning - a video installation by Maximilian Moll

Opening: October 29, 6 pm - 9 pm

Keep the fire burning (2008, loop-video installation)

This impressive video installation is about the goods and bads of fire. Starting with a useful match, it shows step by step the destructive potential that lies in the fire. The cozy beginning transforms in a horror scenario, which consists of war and action movie scenes, accompanied with threatening music. Different qualities and meanings of this essential element can be experienced in that stunning installation.

Moll is born 1967 in Germany. After studying in Germany and USA he is now working as an artist in Berlin. 2010 he received the 16th Video Art Award Bremen for his work "Keep the fire burning".

继续 ―― 克西米利安莫尔展映

开幕式:1029日,18:00 21:00




67 bullets - film still                                                                                                     67― 
supported by the Goethe Institute Shanghai 真挚鸣谢赞: