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Sunday 10 March 2013

HomeLand Installation View

Monday 8 October 2012

Bili Bidjocka: « …Do Not Take It, Do Not Eat It, This Is Not My Body… » Installation view

Enigma 350, 13 embroidered dresses, hand embroidered cotton and rayon, dimensions variable, 2010

Installation view Enigma 350 – Enigma 73
Enigma 112, 13 MP4 players, digital recording loops, Wooden table, Rice, Cardboard, 1,70 diameter, 2012
Dis-ambiguation # 1-13, digital print on ceramic plates, 40cm diameter, 2012

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Terence Lloren sound piece

Terence Lloren sound piece,Terence Lloren 的声音作品
I Know their secret by Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯 《我知道他们的秘密》

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme, Thomas Palme《毛泽东》
Somewhere in time - series by Tang Xiaowen 唐潇雯《片段》系列

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme, Thomas Palme《毛泽东》

Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Our booth 我们的展位

booth A12 展位A12

Middle: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler
中间:Gordon Chandler的《Red Kimono》

Right: Bu wending by Li Yunfei 右边:李云飞的《不稳定》

Mao Zedong by Thomas Palme,Thomas Palme《毛泽东》

Cloud - series by Li Yunfei 李云飞的《云》系列

Cloud - series by Li Yunfei 李云飞的《云》系列

Somewhere in time - series by Tang Xiaowen

Right: Bu wending and Cloud - series  by Li Yunfei

Left 左边: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Middle 中间: Red Kimono by Gordon Chandler

Left: I Know their secret by Tang Xiaowen

Friday 9 September 2011

"JOINT连接" group exhibition群展

"JOINT," group exhibition with Konstantin Bayer, Laurent Friquet, Li Haifeng, Lin Qing, Thomas Palme, He Saibang, Lars Wild, Qin Yifeng, Hu Zi.

 “连接”,Konstantin Bayer, Laurent Friquet,李海峰,林清,Thomas Palme,何塞邦,Lars Wild,秦一峰,胡子群展。

Installation view, Words and Picture by He Saibang 2011

字与图 何赛邦 2011 场景图

Installation view, GOETHE-series by Thomas Palme 2011

GOETHE系列 Thomas Palme 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Linefield by Qin Yifeng 1998 | 2004

线场系列 秦一峰 1998 | 2004 场景图 
Installation view, drawings by Thomas Palme 2011 (on the right)

铅笔画 Thomas Palme 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, paintings by Hu Zi 2011 (on the right)

布面油画 胡子 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, Sans Tire-series by Laurent Friquet 2009 (on the left)

《无标题》系列 Laurent Friquet 2009 场景图 (左边)

Installation view, pecil on paper,drawings by Li Haifeng 2011 (on the right)

素描 李海峰 2011 场景图 (右边)

Installation view, paintings by Lars Wild 2009 (on the left)

油画 Lars Wild 2009 场景图 (左边)

Installation view, Instrument Series by Lin Qing 2011

仪表系列 林清 2011 场景图 

Installation view, paintings by Lars Wild 2009 | 2010

油画 Lars Wild 2009 | 2010 场景图 

Installation view, Heads by Konstantin Bayer 2011

头 孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Windows | Door | Erhu by Konstantin Bayer 2011

窗户|门|二胡  孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, In front | behind  by Konstantin Bayer 2011

前面 | 后面 孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, Hot air and the invisible boundary by Konstantin Bayer 2011

热空气和看不见的边界  孔石厅 2011 场景图 

Installation view, The invisible idol by Konstantin Bayer 2011

隐形的偶像 孔石厅 2011 场景图

Installation view, Horse by Konstantin Bayer 2011

头 孔石厅 2011 场景图

Wednesday 24 August 2011

one more week! LOST AND FOUND!

One more week of our inauguration exhibition at M50. Come and see "the corridor at the end of times" by Chris Gill and more works by him, Maleonn, Tang Xiao Wen, Laurent Friquet, Xepo and Kathryn Gohmert.

还有一个礼拜就是我们在M50的就职展览啦。快过来看看艺术家李云飞的《时间尽头的走廊》以及他其他的作品, 马良,唐萧雯,Laurent Friquet, Xepo and Kathryn Gohmert。

Don't miss! Till August 31.


Installation View THE CORRIDOR AT THE END OF TIME by Chris Gill 2011
《时空尽头的走廊》李云飞 2011 场景图

Installation view, Gong Bi drawings by Tang Xiao Wen 2010 | 2011 
工笔画 唐萧雯 2010 | 2011 场景图

Installation view, ASIAN CITY series, six pieces, each 1m x 2m, mixed media by Chris Gill 2011
《ASIAN CITY》,共6张每张 1m x 2m,混合媒介,李云飞 2011 场景图

Installation view, URBANVIDEOSCAPESHANGHAI by Kathryn Ghomert and XEPO W.S. 2011
《URBANVIDEOSCAPESHANGHAI》,Kathryn Ghomert and XEPO W.S.  2011 场景图

76cm x 145cm, pencil on paper and
TEENAGER RIDES A FISH BALLOON TO TRAFEL, 145cm x 76 cm, pencil on paper
by Maleonn 2011 
《恋人牵手面对海啸来临》,76cm x 145cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图
《少年骑鱼乘气球去远行》,145cm x 76cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图

ACCORDION PLAYER BURNS HIMSELF IN THE GRASS, 145cm x 76cm, pencil on paper
by Maleonn 2011
《手风琴手在草原上点燃了自己》,145cm x 76cm铅笔画,马良 2011 场景图

MAKE ROOM #2 and MAKE ROOM #3, 80cm x 120cm, photography
by Laurent Friquet 2010
MAKE ROOM #2 and MAKE ROOM #3》,80cm x 120cm摄影,Laurent Friquet 2011 场景图

80cm x 120cm, photography
by Laurent Friquet 2010
MAKE ROOM #1》,80cm x 120cm摄影,Laurent Friquet 2011 场景图

Video projection of the performance MAKE ROOM by Laurant Friquet 2010
视频投影表演 《MAKE ROOMLaurent Friquet 2010

Sunday 19 June 2011

Quick in between shows installation with Yu Fan, Liu Bolin and Gordon Chandler

Friday 6 May 2011

MYSPACE 我的空间 Installation view


Since the doll combines both (the dolls are fully functional as a sex partner) it raises some thoughts and questions. What is a piece of wood/plastic/glass = art~ etc worth? And how much a human body in sexual action? This metaphor is to blow up literally. And to be sold. To a price the buyer decides.

How much is it worth?

Detail of customized s+J MYSPACE logo on PVC

Some doll madness on stage候台BACK's walls. 

Saturday 30 April 2011


Monday 6 December 2010

PUMP UP THE VOLUME! #3! Weltschmerz Opening!

Thanks to everyone! The art lovers, art groupies and art spies, for coming to our splendid opening last Saturday. Weltschmerz turned out to be a event full of harmony, the works, the installation, the crowed, the sound performance - all worked out beautifully.

To step away from a regular presentation of paintings, I have decided to use Chris's canvases to build a "tunnel", that became a sort of  Shanghainese lane house scenery. With the sounds of Shanghai, the paintings seemed to become alive with the faces and eyes starring out. 

Weltschmerz got already reviewed by the Oriental Morning Post. Click here to read this article.

More pix and info in Chinese on our Douban page.





Terence performing

the cm2 price list


Yuwe and Chris hanging out...

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view

2.5 rmb/ cm2

Terence performing


getting ready. 

who are those people?

installation view

installation view

installation view

bum bum bum!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Dear friends, art lovers, art nerds and collectors, 亲爱的朋友们,艺术热爱者,艺术瘾君子,收藏家们,CORD OF REXA - "le midisage"!

From this wild wild wilderness:

we cordially and colorfully invite you to celebrate the birth of the creatures that were born during Barbara Anna  Husar's residency at stage候台BACK. Please join us on Thursday September 23, from 5 - 9 pm to the CORD OF REXA - "le midisage"!
我们诚挚并且色彩斑斓地邀请您参加这个奇妙的诞生仪式——Barbara Husarstage候台BACK驻留期间创造的生物。欢迎您加入我们,恐龙之链的“中点派对”9月23日晚上5点至9点!
"Unusual creatures from ancient times are found in the work of European artist Barbara Anna Husar (b. 1975, Austria). Giant lizards are born in her studio. Mystical, archaic, and yet bright and cheerfully coloured, her living fossils are powerful ambassadors between times past and the present.  For her larger-than-life acrylic paintings she employs seed and rice sacks as her canvas – a metaphor for the growth, evolution, and transformation of cultures."
而如此不寻常的东方古生物在欧洲艺术家Barara Anna Husar(1975年奥地利生)的作品里出现了。巨型蜥蜴在她的工作室诞生。神秘古老,色彩却又那般明亮愉悦,她的活的化石不正是联系古老与将来的使者嘛!在尺寸远远大于实物的丙烯酸绘画上,她尝试使用种子和米袋作为画布——来进行一场关于文化的成长,革命,变形的实验隐语。”

to this, the "midisage installation view:

Pudongo saurus 410 cm x 310 cm

Shango saurus of art 360 cm x 420 cm

Cross cord tai chi   460 cm x 330 cm

Thursday 9 September 2010

Installation view cord of rexa

Barbaras show is an artist in residence program. This installation is her first proposition in form of preparation of her works to be made within the next 3 weeks.

We extended stageBACKS's space into the hallway to present Core of Flock, Barbaras 3rd film about her life and thoughts and views in the dessert of Sinai. Good stuff!


我们扩展了候台的空间到走廊部分来播放她的'Core of Flock'。这是她第三部电影来表达她在北非西奈半岛的沙漠上的生命体验。相当有意思!

stageBACK's hallway - video installation

stageBACK's hallway - video installation

core of flock - detail

Connect with a dessert goat - goat pills - eat art! Feel it! 


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