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Tuesday 26 March 2013

BLUE Saturday

this Saturday, March 30, come and join us at the new secret 7 show 


in our club house.

Opening 6 - 9 pm.

English address:

No 48, Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu, Huangpu district


Chinese address:



Sunday 13 January 2013

Time out mag on Chris Gill's secret 7 club house

Thursday 10 January 2013

Chris Gill's new website is online

After running successfully for years, a blog that informed us about the Shanghai art scene and other crazy things that are happening in the city and in the Asian region, founder Chris Gill now re-oriantates himself with a new website, THE DRIPPING ROOMS, which focuses mainly on his oeuvre and daily blog updates of the ever bustling art scene in China.

Saturday 15 December 2012

more secret 7 更多“秘密7”

Chris Gills new space "THE SECRET 7 CLUBHOUSE" is perking up for another opening of the "secret 7 artists" showcasing a good selection of local Shanghai-nese artists both chinese and foreigners.


The Secret 7 artist group presents


In this world of lost in translation, confused aesthetics, misunderstandings and obscure references, the Secret 7 explore cultural subtexts of life on the edges of different civilizations in the 21st century.
For this event the artists work will be on show in the tourist area of Shanghai which has 3 million visitors a year. Speaking the international language of contemporary art the Secret 7 hope to expand in some way interaction and understanding between different and diverse cultures.
在这个迷失于解读、困惑美学、误解和隐晦所指的世界中  , “秘密7"立于本世纪不同文化的边缘,探索生活的弦外之音。
本次活动的艺术作品将被展出于一个热门的沪上旅游景点,该景点每年接待300万游客。用国际化的语言表达当代艺术,  “秘密7" 希望扩大不同文化及多种文化之间的互动和理解方式。

The opening is tomorrow, info below the photographs. Note: the 50 RMB curry and one bottle of beer - and every beer after is 10 kuai, a great deal by partner restaurant "The Kommune".

So - no artist will starve and stay dry. We'll warm up with enough to drink and a good time.

some of mine 7 secret photographs and Liu Taos works

here with Caucasso

mixed media
Sunday, Dec 16, 4 pm - 8 pm
House No. 48, lane 248, Taikang Road (behind Kommune)


Friday 30 November 2012

pictures from Chris Gill opening at the Kommune last night 李云飞公社酒吧开幕式图片

some iphone pix from Chris new works in his artist and residence space at the Kommune at Tianzifang.


DJ for the night: Caucasso Lee Jun

当晚DJ:Caucasso Lee Jun

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Chris Gill in Kommune's new artist in residency program opening this thursday! 公社酒吧艺术驻留项目本周四开幕!李云飞受邀成为首位驻留艺术家

Announcing Kommune’s first art residency programme

Kommune has begun pioneering an art residency programme in Tianzifang.
The first preview will be this Thursday, to coincide with the Wine
Democracy event that aims to select Kommune's next House Wine of the Month;
and this is done by blind wine tasting by our 8 wine suppliers with our customers.

Tianzifang (TZF), now a thriving area with estimated 3 million
visitors a year,  was originally begun by artists, namely Chen Yi Fei
and others. Kommune hope to bring more artistic practise back into the
TZF area, and thanks anyone who wishes to support or contribute to
this endeavour.

To announce the project, and to illustrate what we are talking about,
there will be a preview of some of the work being created by the first
artist to work in this project, Chris Gill.

We will show some of his new work in building 48, just behind Kommune.
Chris Gill seemed a suitable candidate for the first artist to invite,
as he has been working in China for 20 years, and has worked in
several artist communities from Yuanminyuan in Beijing to Weihai road
696 in Shanghai.

The preview will be held from 7.30pm to 9.30PM. For further information
please call Tina @ 13621957845
更多信息,请联系Tina, 13621957845

Sunday 25 November 2012

the end of the world was yesterday 昨天,世界末日

Chris got his piece "the end of the world map" in a show titled "just what is it about the end of the world that makes it so appealing"


curated by Mathieu Borysevicz who is inviting next to  chinese artists a good number of "laowei" (foreigners) artists.

除了中国艺术家之家,组织者Mathieu Borysevicz还邀请了一大批“老外”艺术家。

on view till Dec 31


Chris Gill's "the end of the world map"

Thursday 18 October 2012

Chris Gill at CUT/LOG

Chris Gill, Woman, aquarelle on paper, 93 x 66.5cm, 1988. Woman with Red Hair. acrylic on paper, 93 x 67cm, 1989

Thursday 9 August 2012

enthusiasm, grace, conviction …

Alice Papin from 24/7 came by the show the other day and had a few questions to ask:

SH247: You describe “Why don’t you love me anymore” as a ‘recommendation exhibition.’ Can you explain us what this is and how it works? 

I was asking people - friends, academics, socialites, people in the art world - to recommend me artists. First I approached the recommenders with this question: “why don’t you love me anymore?” There was an immediate reaction: from that moment we were like a couple figuring out if we could work together.

That was the first step. There were some people who were not into it, you have to deal with being rejected. Like love, rejection happens all the time. It turned to be a big exhibition however: now we have 20 artists exhibiting.

The exhibition is not only about love, it’s about society, it’s about being rejected. It’s also about the art world: you can be a star one day and then the next day you’re gone.

It’s all about changing, ending and having a new start. That’s why I found that wonderful sentence of TS Eliot to illustrate the exhibition:  “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”


SH247: Why did you choose that theme?

I needed a red line. I was searching for something that concerns everybody: Chinese, not Chinese, it doesn’t matter, love concerns everybody.

Moreover, the whole idea of romance in China is something that everybody has to deal with. It is also changing the society in China step by step. I found it particularly interesting to do that exhibition now. The title “Why don’t you love me anymore”, taking you to a negative place, gives a reaction to people: it’s not cold, it shows all the love and passion bitterness, I was looking for that.

Now, I am very satisfied with the variety of the artworks in the "LOVE" show. The aim was to not only talk about love in the context of a couple: (Li Zhixiong 李志雄  , Tao Damin 陶大珉) but also in the context of family: (Yilan Yuan  袁綺蘭  ) , friends: (Maleonn 马良  ), sexuality: ( Hu Zi 胡子 , Liu Min 刘敏  ), forgotten and rejected people: ( Shen Shaomin 沈少民, Feng Yan    ), self destruction: ( Zhe Chen  陈哲 ), consumer society ( Mathieu Borysevicz) and the harsh reasons why we don't love anymore ( Secret 7 秘密  7) - to name a few.

SH247: You’re the director of the gallery and also a photographer. Can you tell us more about your background? 

I was born in Germany and I worked as a model in Paris in the 90's, started self-portraits and some fashion and still life work but always focusing on photography art work.

Currently, I’m busy working on new project called ‘ID’ whenever I can make time for it. The concept is that I want to capture women while they are putting make up on their face. I realized a few years ago that we make ourselves "ugly" in order to look beautiful or whatever the society thinks is beautiful.

I want to document the “in between” that is invisible in our society, in a world of photo-retouched beauty.

The catch is that the model is not using a mirror while she is applying the make-up, so my camera is the "invisible" mirror. The model can choose whatever she wants to do. It is totally individual. The shots are not retouched after, it is pure reality. 


SH247: Which other artists in Shanghai inspire you particularly at the moment?   

Chris Gill, [Chinese name Li Yunfei李云  ].  We exhibited his works at stageBACK gallery. The last exhibition was “Chris Gill – works on paper” earlier this year.


This artist, originally from the UK, lives in China since more than 20 years: he is an observer of the changes that has happened in China in the last past 20 years and he conducts extensive research into Asian societies. . He expresses this in his city scape Shanghai paintings for example.


SH247: Why did you want to open a gallery in Shanghai? What does the future hold for stageBACK gallery?


I would never think about opening an art gallery in Europe but here, I felt that we needed a place to bring artists together.

Now, I’m trying to continue the exhibitions following those three words that are hanging in my office: “enthusiasm”, “grace”, “conviction”…

Click HERE for the original URL and a slight show of the exhibition.

Wednesday 30 May 2012

âpres minuit ce la nuit

spooky stage候台BACK - after midnight is when the real collectors come out....

易惊的候台 - 到了午夜后,真正的收藏家才会出现

sound: sun ra

Friday 25 May 2012

CPG WOP show EXTENDED till JUNE 3 (CPG WOP 展览会延迟到六月三日)

Prolonging Chris Gill "works on paper" till June 3 2012 with additional new works in the project room. The artist will be present on May 26 during the joint opening.

Chris Gill 的“纸上作品”被延迟到了六月三日二零一二年,加上新作品的到来。Chris Gill 本人将在五月二十六日的联盟开幕式出席。

some live blogggg ugging......will follow up!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

more pix from last saturday

Merci Jean Loh!

We love the photos!

Photos © Jean Loh

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