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Sunday 22 April 2012

North Bund TODAY

US artist Kathryn Gohmert invites this afternoon to the new studio space at North Bund where she and fellow artists of the former 696 warehouse found a new roof over their heads.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

696 February 2012 2012年2月的威海路696

yesterday as selected small group of ex 696 tenants got a tour inside the deserted 696 Weihai Lu warehouse.
Apparently a new management team occupies ex White Space gallery and just sits there waiting for an investor to show up. 
696, creative home of more then 70 artist studios is empty and rotten. And we all knew that this would happen. 

Thanks Hangfeng for sharing the sad pictures.



Thursday 29 September 2011

Art Magazine blogger Eike Stratmann on 696 and stageBACK

German art magazine "ART" has a new blog section: I ART SHANGHAI by Shanghai Detour founder Eike Stratmann.

She discovers and explores Shanghai's art scene since 2009 and will now regularly report from this buzzing metropolis in China. We are very proud to be the subject of Ms. Stratmanns first article for this prestigious magazine.

Please click HERE to read the full article (in German only)

德国艺术杂志“ART”有一个新的博客章节:我艺术上海,上海艺术地图创始人Eike Stratmann。



Eike Stratmann by Yun Xiao Su

Friday 20 May 2011

Not looking back! Bye bye!

DONE with 696!

It was good!

But not looking back now!

We moved!

To M50


Tuesday 17 May 2011

696 never stops - interview on 24/7

24/7 showed up on our last open door event and asked me few questions. Click HERE for more...

Sunday 15 May 2011

The last of the last will last ...last last....

Straight copies from shanghaiEYE - the last last 696 news HERE and a video HERE. shanghaiEYE is gone and moved on to the new palais that has sauna, swimming pool, shark tank, etc...

Can't wait to see it!

Below pix of the last last LAST opening yesterday at Aroundspace!

Farewell farewell!

Now, I can not wait to move soon!

Around Space owner Ming Ming in her beloved gallery with Liang BinBin's work.

Friday 13 May 2011

Last Opening at 696 Weihai Lu tomorrow

From my lovely neighbor Ming Ming:

Dear All,

As you know 696 Weihai Rd. will be closed soon. We stay here more than 4 years. We love here. But we have to move.

Apr. 30th is Open Day for 696. May 14th is our last show in 696. We will present artist Liang Binbin's solo show <Reborn新生>.

And we will move to our new space in the bund. We will send you details as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyone!




This is not an art installation!

With the fourth floor shut down and empty black holes on the second floor it starts to feel lonely in 696 Weihai Lu. 

We have exactly one more week ahead of us. 

ShanghaiEYE completed its move yesterday in a dramatic two nights in a row moving marathon with confused workers ("what, that paintings costs 300000 rmb???") and broken art works. Two big loads of stuff where driven up to M50 to Chris's new studio. Good luck with moving in!!!

In the meantime the manager guys are counting money in the office. Next to the lovely wood paneled cabinet aka East Germany 1976. This is not an art installation! 

But it could be!

Saturday 7 May 2011

696 on the blog

Some very nice pix from last saturdays 696 event HERE thanks to 

BTW, I love the writing / spelling mistake that turned me into Susan Bunker. (Will check if the .com is still www available)

Thursday 28 April 2011

A few words on BOUND editorial

Thanks BOUND editorial to publish a few of my words just in time b4 the big bash on saturday.

Click HERE to read the interview.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

The last tango

Just received the official flyer for the last 696 community show / party on April 30. If the reason, why this is happening, would not be so sad, I would actually be exited about it.

But anyhow, lets have a big laugh and a drink before they chop our heads off.

Sunday 24 April 2011

Back from my trip

I must count. I don't know what day of "the 696 funeral" is anymore since I have left to Europe two weeks ago to get away from this suppressive atmosphere that lingers in Shanghai. Now soon, me and my friends a 696 "only" have to evacuate our studios on May 20. Unfortunately this decision was not changed in the two weeks of my absence. 

In the meantime, Eric Leleu, 696 resident,  shot a great story of a few of us artists in 696.

To see the full story please click here

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