What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.” T.S. Eliot

Why don’t you love me anymore?


stageBACK is pleased to announce "Why don't you love me anymore?" - a recommendation exhibition that will
include approximately 20 artists, presenting all current media. The recommenders who will choose the
participants are artists themselves as well as writers, curators, collectors, socialites, academics and friends.


This exhibition celebrates the moment of transition which is liberating but also initiates grief. Spotting the title
"Why don't you love me anymore?" triggers an immediate overwhelming and often bleak emotion in most people.
Memory awakens. This feared situation of speaking or hearing it: "Why don't you love me anymore?", provokes
anger, disappointment, hopelessness, emptiness, sadness and renunciation. Just a few of the dark emotional
holes a human mind can fall into. It’s about a process or something that developed or something that just
suddenly happened. These are feelings that everyone understands. This is global and cuts across all cultures.
No one stays unaffected.

展览要讲述的是一个摆脱束缚同时又令人痛苦的过渡时期。 大多数人看到“为什么你不再爱我”这个题目,

"Why don't you love me anymore?" is not necessarilily about one person’s feelings or about two lovers. It is a
declaration that demonstrates societal transformation, and can act as a reminder of historical changes during
political circumstances.
"Why don't you love me anymore?" is a symbolic codification that can express itself in
art, pop culture and even the market economy. However, convictions are changing rapidly with the growth of
new generations. Brutally, the past has taught us: What is ideal today won't be ideal tomorrow.


In countries with strong traditional values, love is often considered as a constructed alliance between a man and
a woman. Until present times, an autonomous and independent subjectivity of partnership, especially for women,
was not possible in many places. Nor was ending a relationship a realistic option. But with the rise of modernity
and the development of a modern urban culture where romance can be celebrated (dance halls, public spaces,
cafes, etc) a self-confident romanticism has developed.

某些有着强烈传统价值观念的国家,爱情经常被看作一种男人与女人之间建立的联盟。 直到今天,自由地选择

“Why don’t you love me anymore?”, describes a change, from loving to not loving but also a leaving behind and letting go. Moving on and growing up. It is a strong notion to understand that we are able to openly accept others close to us and experience an affirmation of love. In art this is a manner of constant re-creation, a process of coming to terms with one's past and future. It is the understanding and confirmation of what we are deeply involved in and love. Knowing it will challenge the Recommender and his/her Selected Person. To choose and to be chosen. To start and stop. To laugh and to cry. To fly high and to fall deep. To fall in and out of love with the temporal. The emotional roller coaster of life. This is love. This is art.