what to see if it is the 2nd last day of the dOCUMENTA 13 in only 5 hours?

whatever to start with, you must line up, people in all ages and sizes and forms were in Kassel last Saturday to get a look on the most important art show in the world.

It was my first time and I loved the post war 50ties - cold war - "Bonn" architecture in Kassel to start with.

My absolute favorite was art in the local shopping malls, close to the Fridericianum.

Impressions below:

dOCUMENTA ice cream 1

dOCUMENTA ice cream 2


dOCUMENTA small stones




dOCUMENTA pink sweater on grass

the earth kilometer

OverviewThe Vertical Earth Kilometer (1977), located in the Friedrichsplatz Park in Kassel, Germany, is a one-kilometer-long solid brass round rod five centimeters (two inches) in diameter, its full length inserted into the ground with its top reaching flush to the surface of the earth. A red sandstone plate, two meters by two meters square, surrounds the brass rod’s flat circular top, positioning the circle directly in the square’s center. In front of the museum Fridericianum are four footpaths whose intersection marks the sculpture’s location. 

As a companion piece to this permanently installed earth sculpture, De Maria created The Broken Kilometer (1979), located at 393 West Broadway in New York City. This work is composed of five hundred two-meter-long solid brass rods, each with the same diameter as the rod used for The Vertical Earth Kilometer, arranged in five parallel rows of one hundred rods each.

The Vertical Earth Kilometer was realized through the help of Documenta VI, Director Dr. Manfred Schneckenberger, and the support of Dia Art Foundation. Technical direction and supervision was carried out by the engineering firm of Dr. Hans Jurgen Pickel, Kassel. The work has been on long-term view to the public since 1977 and is maintained by Dia Art Foundation.

dOCUMENTA bigger stones

Lee Miller self portrait in Hitler bathtub

art in the Kaufhof 

i have't been to C&A in many years - so glad i did in Kassel

cross the Kiddy section

and get to cevdet erek sound piece. AMAZING! MY absolute fav!



dOCUMENTA even bigger stones

dOCUMENTA even bigger stones with puzzle pieces and red and blue color

a cave video room - funny