Secret 7秘密7

Duration: September  6 – September 9 2012

Opening: September  6 2012, 8 pm – late

Venue Opening : 6 pm – 6 am



For the occasion of the SH contemporary, stage候台BACK  is pleased to present the "7 secret" artists from September  6 - September  9 in the legendary rooms of YY's. YY's, a Shanghai Institution, serves as an exhibition space during those 4 days, inviting 7 artists who are living and working currently in Shanghai.


What is the Secret 7 project?


We live in a world of unknown possibilities. The human potential for reinvention is highlighted in Shanghai, a vast city of unknown things. It provides an opportunity for some artists, unknown and known, to show some of their work in an unconventional setting.


The Secret 7 originally was a children's book, written by Enid Blyton, whereby the seven protagonists sat around in their secret headquarters eating biscuits and drinking tea while planning to solve crimes. This edition focus is showing a small selection of works that are either by unknown or atypical work by better known artists, living in Shanghai.


The venue itself is undergoing a reinvention of itself as the chaos of the city has finally caught up with it and it has had to close its upstairs venue on the very night of the exhibition, after being open for 15 years. YYs has been a popular spot for visiting people working in the areas of arts, literature, film and music over this long period. In the world of metaphor it is akin to losing Shanghai’s Viper room. But it is not totally gone and is now beginning the process of reinvention.


All the artists represented in this group are also similarly going through a process of renewal and re-understanding of their own work.


On the intellectual front lines of artistic experimentation stage候台BACK is happy to present this project.