Tomorrow, Shanghai art week kicks of with its legendary M50 compound joint opening uniting visiting crowds and galleries.

My partner gallery EASTLINK has a show on view, see details below. Me - for myself leave behind the white cube walls and move to the french concession to another legendary space - YY's - for 4 days during fair time - SH contemporary is opening doors tomorrow with preview, vernissage and a fancy party on Bund 3.

So if you are not dizzy after to much of much come and see the late night show at YY's.















Dear Friends of Eastlink Gallery,

We cordially invite you to the opening of Shadow Painting-Works on paper by YU Aijun. 

Shadow Paining-Works on paper by Yu Aijun


Opening: Wednesday 5 September, 17:00-19:00, 2012


Duration: September 5-16, 2012

Eastlink Gallery is pleased to present Shadow Painting-Works on paper by Yu Aijun. One distinct character of Yu’s works is that they create a sense of distance, shadowed yet very powerful. The artist treats small details in a way as if they embody great significance. Yu’s works on paper breathe the air of confidence and calmness, which can be easily received by the audience. By adapting the uncertainty the rubbing technique creates, Yu explores the treasure mine of paper paintings, extracts and formulates an expressive method of his own character.


This exhibition will showcase Yu Aijun’s most recent works on paper, show lasts until September 16.


Yu Aijun, born 1971, in Liaoning province, China, now works and lives in Shenyang.