stage候台BACK is proud to present Liu Tao's solo presentation "a weak road" at the "salon PHOTO OFF"  in Paris next week. 

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The weak walks on a weak road, naked body is as light as float snow. Don’t cut feet to fit shoes, be profligate as everything will go back to origin.


One day, when I read Study Record, I was shocked to see the words “Snow floating on the soup”, 

It was just precise----time is only a huge plate of soup, any individual is forced to accept the fate of decoction. We are the food of time. Residue of food or even nothing exist is the same future by different routes.


However, the modern civilization within full of money games is keeping preaching ‘Enjoy Now’. The weak Individuals can’t help swaying, and finally join the crazy party: the dish of time soup. Everyone loses the fears to time, just like the prisoner who has got a chance to escape from death future, provoking and mocking at time at will.



They ruin everything, not only old buildings and the history, but also the tininess that why a person becomes a person. They believe themselves are great. They believe in that they are walking on a great way, along which people will have a brand new future for sure. They believe they are shining and they brighten the time which was inanimate previously. How amazing: they motivate the world and give it a passionate life. They are deeply proud of the elegant images they left in the soup of time. They are intoxicated with the magic of the mixture of authority and violence. They control themselves, shake the world as well.



No matter where, China or the United States, the faces with tears of excitement when hearing the great way always occupy the screens we cannot avoid watching. The individual is forced to accept a new time system, a new kind of suffering. In this system, people thus possess a spiritual appearance, and a right one.


Sitting in front of the screen, we accept the baptism under those exciting words never-falling. We are becoming cleaner, holier and more emotional from day to day. Every day we see the world getting more and more prosperous, which is so strong and so great. We are moved to tears while we are killing the wrong spiritualism in our bodies.





Being insulted and damaged is definitely wrong, the screen is always right. However, who is guiding time? Who is casting time?


Suspecting is wrong, which beat us mercilessly and take love, beauty and kindness away from us. It will lead us to have nothing, bleeding eyes and tired to death.




The Weak Road is a song of skeptics. He is eager to own a screen in which he can fill his disobeyal and to keep his suspicion.