Art Stage Singapore

To kick start 2012 I made it down to Art Stage Singapore.  ArtSS12 will be held on 12 to 15 January at the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre which is this strange looking spaceship like building that over towers the island state. The program concentrates on a "strong Asian identity" but in hand with an Italian management and top European galleries.

"The Asian galleries are juxtaposed against carefully selected Western galleries which will complement and not conflict (White Cube, Victoria Miro, Lehmann Maupin, Perrotin, Eigen & Art, etc). They will add an additional value and will make a special effort. It makes absolutely no sense to blow up an art fair in Asia with countless occidental galleries presenting and offering what they were not able to sell in the West"

Impressions below ... of what is so far  - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue ...



亚洲画廊与那些精心挑选的西方画廊们相提并论,这会是一种互补而非冲突(White Cube, Victoria Miro, Lehmann Maupin, Perrotin, Eigen & Art等画廊)。他们会为本次博览会增更多的附加价值,并会为此作出特殊努力。当然无数西方画廊也不会展示并提供些无法在西方销售的图片来毁掉这次亚洲艺术博览会,因为这是完全没有意义的。

以下是些些印象... ...迄今为止 - 有些是旧的,有些是新的东西,有些是借来的东西,还有些带点儿忧郁...