ART 12 HK attracts many people in and out the art world this year.

在香港的 Art 12 HK 今年吸引了许多的观众

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Some snaps of works that popped into my eye, liked, found absurd or wondered before my iphone died yesterday.


A solid solo booth of artist Marcel Dzama by Sies+Hoke /DD/Germany

Güclü Öytekin was one of many turkish artists represented at the fair.

Turkey spans technically to Asia and HK still claims to be an asian fair (really?)

That will be over latest next year when Art Basel promotes the fair 2013 with their regular banner.

the diamonds are gone hey, I wanna see the collector guy that spends HK$ 400.000 on that piece. (it is copper!)

Appropriate title: "supper" by Haruo Mitsuta

a pre KTV memory by He Xiangyu at White Space Beijing

like candies, therefor a very popular piece of fantasy passports at OSAGE. Artist; Tintin Wulia

She greeted you at the entrance of the 2nd floor and is a photographed superstar.

Artist: Shen Shaomin


a funny overseas NYC chinatown piece by Cao Fei titled "hip hop NY installation"

at lombard-freid

Artist: Horvath Tibor: Donation for the benefit of Democracy. 

C'mon, swin a coin!

just me in the mirror.... (sorry, did not note down the creator of this piece)

minimalism (we have seen this yes! yes?) The booth was calm and white and peaceful...

Artist: Wiyoga Muhardanto

Gallery: Platform 3

man in the moon of emergency exit...(hmmmmmm??...)

Artist: Robert McNally at David Risley gallery

Louise Bourgeoise, thanks for him, titled: "we love you" - YES, we LOVE YOU!

Lot's of watercolors and more of her works were presented at the fair by many dealers.

some stylish toilet in some HK mall. 

this one is for my friend Thomas Rusch (sorry, did not note the artist)

(bonjour mon cher: die "klackern" genauso wie bei dir Zuhause...)

a good Keith at Jerome de Noirmont 

my iphone coffee bar self portrait turned into a homage to Anish Kappor. His wall dishes were everywhere in all colors - art, the new fashion factor. This summer collection fits to my shoes and bag as well! 

so religious somehow and beautiful, simple... no fashion factor here.

would be better if drawing...just saw, they are fine art photo prints, wonder if photoshopped...

or treated the old way? Have to ask Artist Nevin Aladag.

Carla Busuttil, "Nations trading raw materials over raw fish 2011", oil on canvas

some absurd feather child by Lucy Glendinning for 15500 euro. Edition 1/4

at Galeri-Andersson/Sandstrom

drawing this time by another Turk: Rasim Askan. Good art at a nice Gallery called "Galerist" from Istanbul.

the doggy nanny

I call it "arme Sau"

The real title is: "good boy" by Dongwood Lee at Arario Gallery

OK, seen enough....going back to Shanghai now!