stage候台BACK   is proud to present Tang Xiaowen (唐潇雯) works for the first time in Shanghai. Her delicate ink on silk works (technique "GONG BI", meticulous painting) demonstrate lost times, portraying her family members, often as children as well as a young child in her self portrait series "somewhere in time". The young Beijing artist (born 1985) indicates with her works the bittersweet nostalgia that human history can not run away from. Installed within her beloved found objects of personal compelling memories, she lets us be a part of her past. 
stage候台BACK  非常荣幸为唐潇雯在上海提供首次作品展示空间. 灵动的丝绸水墨画(工筆畫),追忆似水年华,勾勒家庭温馨片段,常常就好像 唐潇雯自己的自画像(《片段》之六)一样所展示的自己的孩童时代一样.出生于1983的80后北京艺术家唐潇雯用她温馨甜蜜又略带伤感的作品展示里一段我们无法遗忘的历史片断.伴随着她自己的私人收藏,唐潇雯让我们自己也成为了她追忆里的一部分.
《片段》之四     <Somewhere In Time>No.4, Φ34cm, ink on silk, 2010
《片段》之二     <Somewhere In Time>No.2 Φ34cm, ink on silk, 2009
《家庭相册》之一    <Family album>No.1, 100 cm x 76 cm, ink on silk, 2011
《家庭相册》之四    <Family album>No.4, 112cm 80cm, ink on silk, 2011
《七月流火》      <Wildfire In July>, 80cm 50cm, ink on silk, 2010