self doll watching booth at night 自我娃娃晚上在看着展位

bourse de commerce de Paris 巴黎电子商务交易所

Susanne and Peter Hoennemann 

Susanne and Minako Norimatsu
Alexis (IFA galerie) and me,Alexis (IFA画廊)和我
with Linda Grabe from the flying dinners
和来自飞来晚餐的 Linda Grabe 一起合照
bourse de commerce...wonderful roof!
Barbara Husar
with Barbara Husar 和 Barbara Husar 的合照

Mrs and Mr Richard, self doll and me, Richard夫妇,自我娃娃和我

Linda is art-ed out! Linda已经艺术过了!

last sunday, 8 pm, finished! 上周日,晚上8点,艺术博览会结束了!