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Some can consider her as being shocking; some can see her as a revelation. From exhibition to essential sentiment, from imaginative product to the artifact personality. A model that assumed her visibility after the visible-beauty, an author that leads herself to discovery and playful situations. 
Susanne Junker, founder of Stage候台BACK, organizes but never lets herself being organized, escapes of submissive undertakes and exults the sensations that govern her existence.  Susanne Junker…touches a string.

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      杂志<ArtClue>采访Susanne Junker片断(采访者Silvia Pintilie;毓文翻译)

    Susanne Junker - 性,艺术和中国绳索

      Susanne Junker,stage候台BACK的创立者,她去组织却又拒绝被组织,她在逃脱被驯服的同时又让这种包含她存在的感情曝露无疑。Susanne Junker...触碰到一条绳索。