Just a quick round up on a tuesday before saturdays opening. 在周六开幕式之前让我们赶快看看今天的进度吧

We are building the “The corridor at the end of time” a new installation by Chris Gill. 我们正在安装新的由艺术家 Chris Gill 所创作的“ The corridor at the end of the time ”装置艺术。

We are looking for girls who are up for an art performance on July 9: http://shanghai.craigslist.com.cn/etc/2477404420.html

我们也很期待那些在7月9为我们的艺术表演的漂亮的MM噢 : http://shanghai.craigslist.com.cn/etc/2477404420.html

ART IN SHANGHAI came out today - well I guess the COUNTDOWN is on!  ART IN SHANGHAI 今天就出版啦!!! 我猜倒计时已经开始啦!!!