696 demolishing threats are anticipated the moment the weather is changing to cool and the leaves start falling off the trees.  October is like a fifth season of rumors and visiting officials of security bureaus. Clear answers - if yes / if no - are held in the dark and all 696 tenants have to wait to last week of december to be told a clear message - if yes / if no -!

 *** Merry merry 696!***

This is better then waiting for Santa Claus!

I wish to sign another year dear Santa!

If 2011 will be the year that will be engraved into 696's memorial cross, we'll have two month to leave by the beginning of next year, so an official statement of today.

This is all quite in the air and therefor difficult to work on a schedule for further shows in that period. stage候台BACK  is holding back upcoming exhibitions for 2010 and beginning of 2011 to keep it cool and low key for now.

Otherwise, Santa might won't come!