Artist Wang Yu Hong has opened her studio # 304 at 696 Weihai Road for the last past weeks to artist friends and colleges she admires. Each studio show includes 3 artists and that will be repeated for the next upcoming weeks. So far one of Chris Gills works has been shown there as well as some of Barbara Husars films and book material. This week it is my turn with a collage of "more identity stuff" - work in progress -....

艺术家王煜宏在最近几周里开放她在威海路696弄11号楼304的空间给她喜欢的艺术家朋友们和学生们。每周展览3位艺术家地持续着。目前为止,Chris Gills的一幅作品和Barbara Husars的电影和画册已经被展览了。这周是我其中的一些“Identity”部分—进行中的项目⋯⋯

Also artist Pei showed extracts of his "the funky life of Pei" of which the cultural spies and censor police would lick their fingers with. Delicious!

艺术家Pei展示的是他“the funky life of Pei”中那些令文化间谍和监督警察会去舔她们手指的作品。美味!

Great Wang Yu Hong! And thanks to artists who do studio shows in China to show because it is good to show what ever it is, to propose and form an opinion.


Wang Yu Hong in front of her studio and show poster.

my stuff...

Weltschmerz Shanghai  . . .  one of the skylines . . . 


his drawings

Pei and his funky life