Kathryn who sparks regularly at stage候台BACK openings was the second artist last week who opened her studio for some drinks, conversation and glimpses of her new works. The lovely US mixed media artist lives and works in an old style Shaghainese Villa and its local habitants who are all big fans of her already. 

Read below what Kathryn has to say about 



   Kathryn,一个经常出现在stage候台BACK聚会上的女孩子,是这个星期第二个开放她个人的工作室来与大家交流,讨论她进展中的作品,以及一起喝酒。 这个可爱的美国混合材料女艺术家居住与工作在老上海的房子里,那些老阿姨邻居们已经成了她的粉丝了。


They are based on the theory a New York Times article touch on recently, that depression might be an evolutionary defense, rather than an evolutionary flaw. Scientists have found in MRI scans of the brain that the VLRC (think that is what it's called, but may need to look back on my notes...) is on fire practically with energy when people are undergoing serious bouts of depression (aka after the death of a partner, etc). The VLRC is the "problem-solving" part of the brain, so scientists have proposed a loose theory that the brain is furiously trying to find a solution to the depression...so..the brains I've picked to do these fictional, brain synapses (think that's the plural of synapsis but not sure) on are those of people that (I believe) were doomed in one way or another. They are based on a sort of "science-textbookish-look", with the subjects labeled as Specimen a., Specimen b., etc, and show the VLRC area of the brain illuminated with activity. They are meant to simulate these people's brains right before they met their end - alot of them by suicides, although the series isn't meant to glorify suicide or drugs (although Sid Vicious is on the list of subjects). "Specimens" meant to be covered include Michael Jackson, Mark Rothko, Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Cash, Bruce Lee (and I'm still adding names to the list I've already made). I've sort of gone into hiding so to speak, and the open studio night was a way to celebrate being halfway through with the most intense series I've ever made as well as get feedback from close friends, other artists, collectors, etc., (most friends were asking, "what the hell happened to you - where the hell have you been?!" and this way a way to show the 'mad-scientific-experiment' that was underway...) 

The idea of an open studio was given to me by a New York-based, Belarussian artist that was staying with me while in Shanghai for an exhibition. "You've got to do this!" he kept saying to me - that it was a great way to show people the intimate side of the creative process, and that they were always really well-recieved as people tend to respect that you are doing something which makes you quite vulnerable by inviting people into your private "monk's cell"(studio). We actually did our open studios at the same time as well - so its been a kind of international exchange of ideas...


To see more of Kathryn's work please click HERE