Barbara Anna Husar CORD OF REXA 

Mixed media 混合材料 September 6 – October 17 2010 / 0906 - 10172010

我们诚挚邀请您参加Barara Husar的展览开幕酒会(201096日晚5—9点)。



Barbara Husar在中国上海的新环境里进行她奇特的创造工作。




        而如此不寻常的东方古生物在欧洲艺术家Barbara Anna Husar1975年出生于奥地利)的作品里出现了。巨型蜥蜴在她的工作室诞生。




        其中一些她的创造物来自恐龙与建筑的合体。"Guggosauros Bilbao Titan"就是一个这样例子,它是一个爬行生物和位于Bilbao城市Guggenheim博物馆的合体。骨头或是石头?Husar所关注的是它们作为创造最广泛形式生命的骨架和载体。又或,作为基因(生物学上的和文化学上的)转化的数据载体,在生命源头不变的条件下永久成长。同时,联系我们所处的大都市上海,在诸如2010世博等条件下加速变形,却又在超现代形态与传统形态之间千丝万缕。


        作为一个魔幻的神话的创造物,中国龙也可以作这样变形……为什么不能是一个美术馆?在她驻stage候台BACK创作期间,Husar选择了上海美术馆作为她"Archisaurus"概念的母题。上海美术馆,一个古老的同时在今日又领引着上海当代艺术的博物馆建筑。最新并不意味着对古老的吞噬;古老可以在充入新鲜血液同时又不迷失了它的源头。从古老中诞生新体:Barbara Anna Husar把她的艺术活动比喻为脐带,作为时间和文化的能量传输——蜥蜴和龙可以飞翔于上海的天际!

文:Susanne Laengle, 2010年维也纳。

同时, stage候台BACK将首映Barbara Anna Husar的新的电影作品——"Core of Flock"。此外,还有艺术家在建筑和摄影上的创作。

We cordially invite you to join us at the opening of Barbara Husar's exhibition on September 6, 2010 from 5 pm - 9 pm! "CORD OF REXA" is a artist in residence exhibition that runs parallel during the 4th SH-Contemporary art fair in Shanghai. From the 6th and the 12th of September, stage候台BACK will be open for extended hours to the public to witness Barbara Husar working in for her new environment of China.

"Xianglong zhaoi" - flying dragon, is the name scientists gave a lizard from the 

Cretaceous period discovered in China in 2007.

The little winged reptile glided down from the trees on the hunt for insects 125 million 

years ago. Unusual creatures from ancient times are found in the work of European artist Barbara Anna Husar  (b. 1975, Austria). Giant lizards are born in her studio. 

Mystical, archaic, and yet bright and cheerfully coloured, 

her living fossils are powerful ambassadors between times past and the present.  For her larger-than-life acrylic paintings she employs seed and rice sacks as her canvas – 

a metaphor for the growth, evolution, and transformation of cultures.

Some of her creatures are hybrids between dinosaurs and architecture. "Guggosauros Bilbao Titan" is an example of this, a combination of a reptile and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Bones or stone, Husar is interested in both as the backbone and storage media for the most widely varied forms of life, as data media for genetic – biological and cultural – codes that constantly develop and yet at heart remain the same. Of all places, the exploding metropolis of Shanghai, whose transformation accelerated once again through the Expo 2010, offers numerous points of contact with its conjunction of ultramodern and traditional life.

As a magical mythical creature, the Chinese dragon is able to take on other forms. Why not that of a museum? For her artist-in-residence stay at stageBACK, Husar chooses as the first motif of her "Archisaurus" transformations the Shanghai Art Museum, a historic building near the People's Square that nowadays houses Shanghais leading museum of modern art. The latest thing need not mean the elimination of the old; what is old can be filled with new, up-to-date contents, without losing its connection to its origin. The new arises from the old: Barbara Anna Husar sees her artistic activities as an umbilical cord, as a transfer of energy between times and cultures – lizards and dragons fly on the skyline of Shanghai.

Text: Susanne Laengle, Vienna 2010

At the same time stageBACK presents the world premiere of Barbara Anna Husar's new film, "core of flock", as well as the artist's sculpture, artwork, and photography.